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It's cool that you're reading this and I hope you're having a great day wherever you are! 

I am from Singapore and I have been living in Edinburgh for the past 5 years as a student. I did an undergraduate degree in Ecological and Environmental Sciences and have just finished a Masters in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Edinburgh. I am so ready to take a break from academia! I am trying to live in the moment whilst also thinking about how I am going to carve out a future for myself. So it is a challenging balancing act. But the COVID-19 pandemic is definitely reminding me to be grateful for everything I have and to also take things slow - there is no such thing as planning for the long term anymore so I am just taking things as they come! 

  • Spotify playlist: Summer in the Garden

  • Book: Why I am no longer talking to white people about race 

  • Podcast: Deliciously Ella 

  • Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender

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