1. Groceries

  • The easiest tip of them all: Bring your Own Bags! This includes both produce bags for loose items such as fruit, and bags for your entire shop 

  • For fresh produce, try to buy items that are not packaged at all if possible e.g. onions, garlic, peppers, potatoes 

  • In the case that food stuffs are packaged, try to buy things that come in bulk if you know they will store well or you will consume them in time e.g. buying large bags of frozen fruit rather than fresh fruit that come in smaller packs. 

  • If you have access and are able to purchase from a bulk food store, try to get your dried goods in bulk if possible!

  • If you do not have access to a physical store, here are some online options! 

  • Use reusable produce bags (I got mine from The Zero Ways), empty jars or containers to get your bulk goods - you do not have to have an aesthetically pleasing pantry full of mason jars, just use what you have! 

  • Making your own nut milk can help to cut down on packaging. Here's a recipe I use 

  • Eat lower down on the food chain when you can because animal agriculture, particularly lamb and beef, are very damaging to the environment in terms of carbon emissions, water use, land use and feed conversion rate (quick facts here)

  • I follow a vegan diet and it is one of the biggest change you can make to mitigate climate change!  

2. Eating Out 

  • When eating out, try to go to places where food is not served in disposable packaging - this means trying to avoid fast food restaurants 

  • Or simply be prepared when you are eating out - bring your own container for food (either to eat in or take away) or reusable cups to get drinks 

  • Try to cut down on ordering take-out because of all the packaging the food is packed in

3. Snacks 

  • Make your own snacks!

  • Snacks take up so much packaging because they are often individually packed e.g. Granola bars, small packs of chips, biscuits and sweets etc.

  • Making your own snacks make a fun, productive and therapeutic afternoon and more often than not, they are much cheaper to make in your own kitchen than to buy in the store

  • If you’re making snacks with ingredients bought in bulk, these make your snacks entirely package free! Go you!

  • Some of my favourite snacks to make include granola, energy balls, energy bars, kale chips and maple tahini cookies

4. Cleaning supplies 

  • Some bulk stores will stock dishwashing liquid and laundry liquid, so get them there if possible

  • Use reusable cloths (e.g. old t-shirts) to wipe down tables rather than paper kitchen roll

  • Use sponges and scrubs that are biodegradable

  • Make your own surface cleaner!