• Jasmine Hussain

10 Things in July

Hello!! I've finally stopped being lazy and decided to write a post :) I just came back from Bhutan and it's so nice to be back home to familiarity and also civilization hahaha but I enjoyed the trip so much but I'll defo do another post on it 

1. Dinner at Genesis with Boris! It's a vegan restaurant but we were quite disappointed with the food :( I had a bibimbap and Boris had a Bakuteh, but the dumplings we had were super good!

Had durian somewhere along Serangoon road after and it was super yummy! We were afraid we would get conned cos we looked like young kids who didn't know how to buy durian (truth) but in the end we got a box for $18 and I think thats ok??

2. At 11:58pm on my birthday, I was lying in bed ready to go to bed and then suddenly my bedroom door swung open and Kim and Natalie came in holding a cake and singing happy birthday!! I was sooooooo surprised, like literally was not expecting anything but I'm so thankful for them and so glad that they came :))))) It's been the third year in a row that they came to surprise me at home on my birthday and I'm always surprised each time!

3. My fav bfast at the moment - Dragon fruit nice cream bowl :')

4. Met up with Boris, Chris, David and Rachel for lunch at Afterglow!! It's a vegetarian/vegan friendly  place at Keong Saik street - quite pricey but the service is really good and also the vibe of the place

It was a super great catch up with them and they treated me to a late birthday lunch which was super sweet :) 

5. Made whole wheat banana pancakes for bfast!! 

6. Went to Bron's house on Sat for a poh piah partayyy!!! I was praying that we would have poh piah for lunch on the way there and my prayers were answered hahahahha

7. Dinner with Natascha at Afterglow(again)! Story time - we had a little miscommunication before meeting, she thought that we were having dinner at Afterglow whilst I thought we were having it at Absolute Acai. So at 6:40pm when I was frantically walking around, texting Natascha for her location and looking for Absolute Acai, she rang me to help direct me to the restaurant and I then found out that she was sitting in Afterglow, 20 minutes away from my location ( and this was after walking for 25 minutes from work to where I was ) hahahah we then decided that we should just meet at Afterglow since I knew how to get there and we finally met at around 7pm! 

We shared 2 salads, the Dragpom and a Quinoa one and they were both really yummy! We chatted about such diverse topics and I just remember us laughing so much over great food, it was just such an enjoyable catch up with a great friend :') 

8. Wheetabix and fruit for bfast!! I also love wheetabix and its my staple bfast in Edinburgh (ok oatmeal too but I would rank this above oatmeal)

9. Met Topo (he's in my course at uni) and his girlfriend Fefe, and Beverly for dinner at Lau Pa Sat! We had a lovely chat over yummy local food and it's so funny how the only conversation we had prior to this  meet up was 2 minutes in a kitchen at a flat party but he's such an easy person to talk to and he loves Singlish and can actually speak it well which is so funny (bcos he is from Botswana and this reminds me of the Book of Mormon which is my fav musical currently as Botswana was mentioned there hehe)

10. Another dragonfruit nice cream bowl for bfast! Would really never get bored of having this for breakfast and it just makes me think whether it's worth buying Project acai when I can technically make it myself at home



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