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"The weather today was horrible" - This has been the conversation starter for 80% of conversations that occurred over the past 2 weeks. but it is so true!! The weather has been so bad lately, it's been raining everyday and the winds are insane and it even snowed once on a Friday morning! Beverly and I were in the library and when we looked out the window there was small white balls going crazily in all directions (the winds) and we had to check BBC weather to confirm that it was actually snowing! I mean yes of course its nice that it's snowing but I feel its too early and I'm not prepared at all for the harsh winter that is to come in the following months :((

Any who, the bad weather has made me fully appreciate days of good weather which I guess proves that there's a lesson to be learnt from all good and bad things. Even if it means just 5 minutes of sun on my face as I walk to school, I will still be extremely grateful for the days, hours or minutes of nice, sunny and dry weather :)

Taken on the way to Kings

I got really cheap lights from Primark for just 2.50! and I felt like buying everything in the home section - I might just go back and grab more stuff hehe

Went to De Rui's place last Friday night for dinner!! We had kimchi stew with white fluffy chinese rice and it was so yummyyy :)))))

I can never thank Beverly enough for constantly helping me for our biology module! I'm just so not getting everything and I literally do not know how I'd (barely) survive without her help!! ( I don't know if you're reading this but really thank you so much, no matter how many times I say it, it still wouldn't be enough <3)

I've recently discovered a 1hr long video of a piano collection of Disney songs and it is honestly so good and soothing and just gives you the feels :') You can listen to it here and my favourite piece is I Can Go The Distance from Hercules and it starts at 1:00:57 if you just want to listen to that :) It has been my study music over the past few days! ALSO I got reminded through Bernice's snapchat that I haven't started on Season 2 of How To Get Away With Murder!!!! AHHHHHH So excited! I'm so gonna watch a couple of episodes over the weekend and I'm currently loading one now hehehhe 

I'm going down to the Christmas market tomorrow evening which I'm so excited for!

Lights! Rides! Food! Ice Skating! The works! 

Today's dinner was really good as well - it was Mexican night! The staff in JMCC were wearing Sombreros and they looked so happy! they also decorated the cafeteria which was such a sweet effort, the vegetable burrito was so good and there were nachos with salsa!!

Just talking about the things that make me happy is making me feel so happy!

Have a great weekend everyone :)



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