• Jasmine Hussain

3 Isles Tour!

On this day, Topo and I embarked on the Caledonian MacBrayne and began our day of travel to the Isle of Mull, Isle of Iona and Staffa Island! 

First stop was to the Isle of Mull where we got on a bus for around 40 mins to arrive at the ferry terminal to get to the Isle of Iona 

The Isle of Mull was absolutely stunning with incredibly scenic landscapes. On the way back Topo and I managed to get the first row of seats on the top deck of the bus and boy was that a treat!!

This was in the Isle of Iona. It was my least favourite of the 3 but was still quaint and pretty

Hairy Coos!!

We then got on a speed boat to Staffa Island! It was the most unique island I have ever seen with rocks in the shape of columns/pillars that make up the island

Look how angular the rocks are!

Puffins reside on this island! 

So adorable! My only memory of puffins is from the Puffin Books publisher 

We then got back to the Isle of Mull to drive back to the ferry terminal where the Caledonian MacBrayne was docked to then bring us back to Oban

Front seat views!!

I took a couple of time-lapses and they were amazing 

Topo and I both had a falafel burger with chips (we had too much chips this trip) on the restaurant on the ferry and arrived in Oban at around 8pm. 

We caught our last sunset in Oban and watched Beauty and the Beast that evening and I love Emma Watson's singing voice!!! 

The next day was a very wet day - the perfect day to leave Oban. Topo and I spent £10 on a seal colony boat trip but we only managed to see 1 seal and so that was really disappointing. We felt like we were cheated as we were suspecting that the boat crew would've known when the seals would be resting on the rocks yet they still took us out. but oh wells 

We then had Thai for food lunch at Spice World (the same place we had takeaway dinner on our first night here) and I had the best red curry with naan that I have ever had !!!! I was tempted to get it again for dinner for the train ride back to Edinburgh but I was too full :( But just thinking about it is making my mouth water !! We then got the train at 6:11pm and got back home at 11:15pm! 

This trip to Oban was so wonderful and I love how everyday was a day packed with exploring nature and witnessing the grand landscapes that exists on this crazy beautiful Earth!! 

But though traveling is fun and exciting, it always feels so good to be back in Edinburgh ♥



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