• Jasmine Hussain

9th of December '15

I am always in awe whenever the sky is pretty

 I find that so amazing that the sky never looks the same and that the different skies of different days/times are always beautiful in their own way 

When I took this picture, I just stood there for a good 30 seconds just staring at the sky. I honestly think I could stare at it for a good 5 minutes just taking it all in. 

Everyday the sun rises and sets and it never fails to deliver it's beauty

Ballet class on Friday was really really good and it was unfortunately the last class for the year but to celebrate the christmas month, the teacher had a Christmas playlist and it made me so happy dancing to lovely, jolly christmas tunes! After class, I saw a little cafe opposite the dance school and my eyes immediately zoomed in to the word "Vegan Options" in the window display and of course I had to go in. I got this salad box for 3.90 and I find it amazing how for all salad boxes, you can fill it in with as much as you want - that's never the case in Singapore!! This was the most satisfying salad box I had here and I would just like to celebrate the fact that Edinburgh has been voted Uk's most Vegan friendly city!!! I am so lucky!! There was a list of cafes and restaurants in the article and I can't wait to visit all of them - gotta pace myself carefully hehe :) The one major thing that I want to tick off my list of places to go is to get some Vegan pizza at La Favorita!

I'm still pretty bummed that I haven't visited the Christmas market but I guess the built up to it will just make me even more excited and happy when I actually go there! 12 more days - I simply cannot wait! I was just thinking how lucky I am that I am here in a European country, being able to fully experience the rich Christmas spirit and all the festivities. I can't believe there was a christmas market in Singapore too and the Winter wonderland in Gardens by the Bay looked so amazing! I am so surprised that Singapore decided to get more involved into building up the Christmas spirit :) 

I have been keeping up with a good fitness regime this week leading up to exams and I feel really good! Also, it is insane how all 5 stories of the library can be full at 9 in the morning?!? I thought NLB was bad but this is worse! I have to either force myself to study in my room but honestly I cannot work with such bad lighting - you know when you can't even read the words on your paper because there's too much shadow, or I have to go to cafes but I cannot guarantee that there's a power plug for me to charge my computer, ohhhh the struggle is very, very real.

Because it is december, that means - VLOGMAS! and I have been overwhelmed by so many videos I find it hard to keep up and even get slightly stressed out about it - ridiculous, I know but I can't help my feelings hahah. But I always managed to sneak in a video or 2 whenever I'm doing cardio at the gym which is good! It's crazy how much YouTube has transformed into being a viable job and thinking about how it all started out as a hobby for many popular and successful YouTubers still amazes me every time

I have been scrolling through social media and so many people are on holiday in different parts of the world - Korea, Dubai, Japan, Cambodia, Bali, Australia and more! I am so happy for everyone who's enjoying their holidays and I enjoy looking at all their nice photos. Justina is going to Italy this Saturday with my cousins and I am sure she'll be asking me for my opinion on which instagram photo to post on a regular basis hahaha

I miss my family so much :'( 



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