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Oban is a coastal/resort town west of Scotland and has really good seafood! In Slovenia, Clarence mentioned that he visited Oban and that's how I made the decision of wanting to come here. The train ride is just 4.5 hours from Edinburgh and I got them cheap for just £50 (return for 2 people!!) 

Topo and I arrived in Oban at around 3pm and we headed straight to Corran House, the hostel that we were staying in (a result of late planning because we would have much rather an air bnb or a guest house) and then spent the rest of the evening walking around and exploring the town. You can basically go through the town in an hour as it is that small 

We walked up 5 mins of a steep incline under hot temperatures (hot for UK standards - 22℃) and I was sweating SOBS but the view at the Mc Caig's Tower was so worth it!  

We ordered Thai food takeaway (20% discounted) for dinz and I had a really yummy green curry!! 

We caught an e - p - i - c sunset at 9:45pm!!

We then headed back to the hostel after and got ready for bed. I felt rather optimistic when I headed to sleep as the other 2 people in our room were not in but little did I know, I was in for the worst night of sleep EVER. At about 1 in the morning, 2 old men came into the room and throughout the night they were coughing so loudly and talking and snoring and I was awake throughout and all I could think about was all the germs flying around in the room (EW). I only had 2 hours of sleep that night but I could not be happier when morning came just so I could start the day and not think about having to endure sleeping through all that 

The next morning, it was blazing hot!!! Topo and I rented bikes (£25 for 10am-5pm - rather pricey) and went to the Isle of Kerrera just a 2 min ferry ride from Oban. We had the most amazing day cycling for about 4 hours through amazing landscapes that I can't even find the words to describe how beautiful it was! Truly a remarkable experience :'))) 

Cycling on paths like these

Just look!!


This is one of my fav pics :') Pictures look amazing but it's even better in real life though it may be hard to believe 

We made it to the Kerrera Tea House for lunch and had a refreshing Apple Quencher and delicious sandwiches!! I had pickles, homemade chilli jam and caramelised onions sandwiched between two slices of homemade sourdough bread (my fav bread!) and Topo had a Tuna Melt ☺

After that much needed and deserved break, we got back on our bikes to finish our journey and the first 5 mins of cycling was painful!! You know when you've cycled on hilly roads for so long and your butt bones get so sore? Yeah that was us and our thighs were so tired on top of that 

This was an epic scene when the cow just emerged over the hill, the picture doesn't do the moment justice 

We made the 3:45pm ferry back and the journey back was much more forgiving as it was flatter and had much more fun downhill bits :) We then had dinner at Cuan Mor and Topo had a Coley Fillet with salmon mash and I had a yummy falafel burger with sweet potato fries!

When we headed back to the hostel and I looked at myself in the mirror I was so shocked because I hadn't realised how burnt I was - both my arms were so red and so was my back in the shape of the tank that I was wearing. Showering was so painful but that trip was definitely worth the burn!!



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