• Jasmine Hussain

A visit from Natalie

Natalie arrived on the 21st of March.

Our trip was filled of

- DMCs

- gossiping

- laughing

- sightseeing

- tons of walking

- tons of amazing yummy food

- uni work

- games with friends (Monopoly, Common Culture, Cranium)

Day 1

Natalie arrived at 1:30 > lunch at Seeds > chats in the flat > work at Thrive > Rice paper rolls for dinner > Watched Isn't it Romantic (such a bad film)

Day 2

Castle > Royal Mile > Cockburn Street > Caravan for lunch > Checkpoint to do uni work > Work at Thrive

Day 3

Work from 10-5 > Topo cooked dinner > Played Cranium and Common Culture!!

Day 4

Brunch at Herbivore Kitchen > Work at Checkpoint > Walked around Holyrood park and had Tesco meal deals > Played monopoly!

Day 5

Thrive for brunch > Walked up Arthur's Seat > Maki and Ramen for lunch > Brandon Left > Chilled in the room > Made Rice paper rolls and sushi for dinner with Topo > Chats in the room with Ice Cream!

I had such a wonderful week spending time with Natalie. I feel our friendship has developed so much over the past year and we connect and share the same opinions about many diverse issues. I always feel so relaxed when we're together and never feel stressed about having to find a nice place to eat or feeling bad for having to do uni work whilst she was here (well, she had to do some too so it worked out that way, but still). Conversations are never forced and silences are never awkward. I am so fond of our friendship and what it has become and I feel so lucky to have a friend like her :')))


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