• Jasmine Hussain

All about the Weather

We have been blessed with a whole week of amazing weather where it has been sunshine and no rain! It is undoubtedly significantly colder now, than before the winter break had started and I am definitely not a fan of this cold weather. It takes about 15 minutes of my hands being exposed to the cold before I completely lose my sense of touch in my fingers and I absolutely hate that numb feeling and then I get to lectures and I can't write properly for the first half of the lecture as my fingers are still de-frosting and my handwriting goes ugly and I hate that :(( 

I've got to get myself a good pair of gloves and though the ones that mum gave me are so effective in keeping my hands warm, they're lined with animal fur so I don't want to wear it 

Any who, I am so lucky that I'm able to catch the sunrise to school every Mon,Wed and Fri when I walk to the Kings building for 9am lectures 

It had snowed on 3 occasions as well and heavily! Arthur's seat has been snowcapped for the past 2 days and it looks stunning - again feeling so lucky that Pollock Halls is located right in front of Arthur's seat so that we get to see this beautiful hill every single day 

(Really have to keep reminding myself not to take this for granted!)

It was a Thursday that I took this photo of Arthur's seat and Beverly and I decided to head out that day as I only had a lecture at 3pm later on and she had no class at all. We'd agreed that it be illegal for us to just stay in on such a beautiful day and not take opportunity that we were both free on a school day to experience new things! We then decided to head to the Princes Street Gardens to admire the winter flowers. But we were very wrong in thinking that the gardens was an all-year-round thing - it was just plain mud and soil everywhere with no flower in sight :( The Christmas market was located in the same place and I'd guess all the stalls were set up at the same place that they'd grow the flowers in spring/summer time and that's why the grounds were just made of lose soil! We were so disappointed but still tried to make the most out of our day by running errands (that we practically made up on the spot hahaha) I headed into Primark and got a few things (necessities, I promise) and then into M&S to get some food (always need to stock up on my personal pantry in my room) and then we both got ourselves a small Ivy each for our rooms (and also compete who can keep it alive for the longest time) Beverly kindly brought all my shopping back for me whilst I headed off for my Sustainability, Society and Environment lecture. This is the optional module that I picked this semester and I really enjoyed the first lecture I had this week as it's more of what I am interested in doing as it's geared towards the climate change and sustainable development aspect of my degree rather than the more biological-sciency aspect of it 

Friday was a pretty chill day. I got myself a pair of gloves from Primark and that helped slightly in keeping my fingers functioning before I got to my lecture that morning. However, I honestly think I need a face mask because my nose and cheeks feel like they could fall off in the cold and my ears get so red as well. Oh Edinburgh, I really have a love-hate relationship towards you because you're so beautiful but too cold :'( I've mentioned previously that whenever that temperature is above 10 degrees, I'd count that as warm but now my standards have changed to when the temperature is above 5 degrees - now that's depressing. I managed to head to the gym between lectures and I really need to get my stamina back because I felt quite breathless after running for 7km when I could usually run for more :( Later that evening, Niamh, Erin, Sania and I went to the Odeon to watch The Danish Girl! I enjoyed the movie though I felt it was rather slow-paced but Eddie Redmayne's acting is really superb. I still prefer his character as Stephen Hawking though

I need to layer up much more for the winter and also wear a beanie more often - I've just learnt that it is important to keep your head warm as you can lose quite a lot of heat from your head (which I've never thought about), that means goodbye to red ears! 



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