• Jasmine Hussain

An Artsy Day!

The 9th of July was an artsy fartsy day!! 

Watched Les Mis and really enjoyed it but not as much as I thought I would. In my opinion I just think that the story is quite long and is not too exciting. However, the singing was phenomenal!! I really got the chills listening to their beautiful voices :)

After Les Mis, Justina and I headed to Fort canning to meet Claire and Bincs to watch BUTS!! 

And then after Paquita which was the last performance, Chen Peng went on stage and proposed to Li Jie!!!! Hehe I'm so happy I managed to witness a proposal!! And yes she did say yes and everyone was cheering !! 

Then we tried to take some dancy photos but unfortunately did not meet with much success HAHAHAH 

Now looking back at this photos I have no idea why Claire and I did this AHAH oh wells we're weird like that 

I really love all the photos we took at BUTS all thanks to Binc's amazing camera!! :))))) 



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