• Jasmine Hussain

☀B A L I ☼ (2)

I headed to the gym that morning - a perfect start to the day! We then had breakfast after and sun tanned for about 2 hours after that :) 

We then went to The Spicy Coconut (vegan cafe) for lunch after where we again stuffed ourselves with amazing vegan foooood 

The banana pancakes were so amazing and the spiced chickpea tacos were really yum as well 

After lunch, we went back to Kuta beach for more surfing!! This time, we just walked along the beach asking for an instructor and a board and managed to get a 1hr session for 100,000 each (ok wasn't even a full hour cos the sun was setting sobs but at least we got to do it!)

After surfing, we had a little snack as we were still so full from lunch and then went for another full body massage! Kim and I didn't have good ones though :( Mine had her long fingernails digging into my skin which was not relaxing at all and Kim's masseuse didn't apply enough force despite numerous reminders to press harder!!

The next morning, we all headed to the gym in the morning - another perfect start to the day!! Had a late breakfast and then chilled at the beached and sun tanned for close to 5 hours! I'm proud that I have gotten back to my original skin colour hahahaha and I still have my bikini line tan today!

This squirrel tried to steal our lunch !!

Seems a lot further than it was but the squirrel was literally right behind me

We went to Sky Garden that night and had SOOO much fun!!!! Music was so good and we successfully requested for Despacito!!

Sad last day faces :'(

Headed to Potato Head for lunch before heading to the airport!!

On the way to potato head, we saw the only Mad Pops shop in Bali and was determined to go there for ice cream after lunch but as the road was really tiny and you could not park on the side of the road, we were planning to spot the shop in a distance, run out and get ice cream and then hop back into the car! Unfortunately, we were looking on the wrong side of the street and missed the shop - DEVASTATION. BUT!! I spotted a whole foods market along the same road which had free parking and suggested we just pop in to see if they had mad pops there and they did hooray!!!!!! They had a whole variety of other vegan cakes and cookies as well!! So I settled for a Chocolate fudge pop and bought 3 cookies, Kim had the coffee coconut and Natalie the avocado one - they were all DEELICIOUSSS :)))) 

That was really the perfect end to the trip! So happy us ate our ice cream as we drove to the airport and that marks the end of our lovely 6 day holiday in Bali :'))) 

Can't wait to see where we will travel together next!! ♥



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