• Jasmine Hussain

Back to Reality

Niamh has just left my room as we watched Just Go With It together and now I'm alone in my room again contemplating whether I should start reading up for my practical session for my Techniques of Management module later tonight or tomorrow morning... It does not feel good to be back :( I'm really not looking forward to starting school again and it has gotten significantly colder which makes everything just so much more dreadful but I've bought a heater for my room so that's saving my life right now

I miss the hour-long walks in the woods every morning with Watson and Aunty Helene, the homely feeling of the tack house and being able to speak my mind about anything and everything under the sun with Aunty Helene as we take down the christmas tree, organize the kitchen cupboards, prepare dinner together and have a cup of tea whilst sitting near the fireplace before getting into bed. The few days I had in York have been absolutely amazing and I have been blessed with such loving company who take care of me so well and treat me like their own <3 I cannot wait to be back and hopefully this time remembering to bring my cookbook with me

I miss you Watson <3

This was taken at Darlington Station because I got on the wrong train from York back to Edinburgh and ended up having to get on 3 trains instead of just 1 but the trip only took 45 minutes longer than it was supposed to and I guess its all just a learning experience (I tell myself that is)

The man sitting next to me could see me from the corner of his eye taking pictures of the sky and he kept looking up to check the window to see what I was taking a picture of and after 3 lifts of his head, he decided to close his laptop and look out the window to appreciate the sunset as well 

I felt so happy in that moment as I felt that I made a tiny difference in influencing a stranger to appreciate the beauty of nature

So many people have told me this winter how warm it has been and that the weathers all over the world have been going a little crazy and it really worries me at how fast the effects of climate change are being felt now. I just watched Jack and Finn's short clip on Climate change and I recommend everyone to go see it - not that it's the most fantastic video you'd ever watch but its an easy one to watch and the facts are clear and easy to understand 

I have been questioning myself lately about what I really want to do in the future and I have been taken aback by my own insecurity and uncertainty because I do know that I want to help the environment and prevent the impacts of climate change but I don't know how I am going to do it. When people ask me "So with your degree, what career are you going to have?", I get a little uncomfortable because I do not have a clear, precise answer and when I get a oh alright, you don't really know what you're gonna do yet and I'm not very impressed by that kind of reply, I feel a little crushed on the inside

There's so many things on my mind right now and it's been long since I've had this sudden rush of late night thoughts! I guess I just have to do my practical work tomorrow morning since it's getting a little late and I'd like to sleep earlier everyday as a new year's resolution 

Other resolutions :

1. Keep in touch more with friends and family from home. Be the one making the effort and not the one waiting for them to ask you how you are 

2. Eat better (even as a vegan - don't be surprised, vegans don't always have to be the healthiest people)

3. Experience more (anything at all!)

xx Goodnight xx 



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