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Bali '18 !!

1-11 July (It is times like this where I am so happy I journal my travels so that I can recall the memories whenever I want to)

This post is all about my second trip to Bali with Kim and Nat! :)

We flew in on the 1st of July and had a quiet night of room service for dinner and just chatting before bed. We took it nice and chill the next day and spent the day at the beach and spa and eating yummy food

Lunch at Tasty Vegan

Had dinner with Dad at Pepenero

On Wednesday (our third day), we headed to the gym in the morning and had breakfast before packing to leave for our air bnb in Ubud! It was a really long but comfortable drive and when we reached, we were a little confused as to where the air bnb was because we got dropped off by the side of a narrow road next to a small cafe and it felt like we were really far from the main street/shops - but we eventually met our host's friend who let us in and everything went smoothly. As much as I liked the view from the balcony, which faced rice paddy fields, there were a ton of insects in the house - that I could not deal with :(

But anyways, we unpacked and hailed a go-jek (Indonesia's Uber) to the famous ubud street market! I got myself some coconut bowls and a circular rattan bag and we then headed to Earth Cafe for a late lunch. After walking about after 'linner', we got back to the air bnb and semi-watched Black Panther (well Kim and I were as we were dozing off hehe). The night ended with seeing giant spiders and geckos and not being able to fall asleep for a while as we could hear crickets and all the other insects in the night and I kept having the fear that a spider would come crawling down from the ceiling.

I loved when morning came because that meant not having to sleep with insects! We then got breakfast at KAFE. However, we were still slightly peckish and went across the street to Artisan Kafe for more food!

Tofu scramble and potato cakes!

We then headed to the monkey forest!

The monkeys were not fazed at all by humans and we saw many quirky monkey behaviour like the one monkey who was dragging a coconut backwards and going in circles?

After the monkey forest, we made our way to Tegalalang rice terrace, which was stunning!

It felt so nice walking through the terraces and just being surrounded by it! I feel there's such a big difference in how you experience things when you're being a passive observer versus when you're actually immersed into the environment. Also, we saw Mt Agung erupting in the distance! But they were mini eruptions so there was nothing to worry about - but we were so lucky our flight did not get cancelled because there was a major eruption the day before we flew off!

After the rice terrace, we got a bad deal for a taxi (i'm so bad at bargaining or just trying to estimate prices for things) and went to Kismet for dinner. The food was incredible and so was the atmosphere!

We embarked on a full day trip the next day and hired a go-jek driver named Vinci for the day! Our first stop was to a shall-not-be-named waterfall, which included descending about 600 steps down and therefore having to climb back up the same amount of steps. But the waterfall was so beautiful with cool waters and also not too touristy!

We then drove to Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, which was hella crowded but still beautiful.

The day ended with us driving back to Ubud and singing to pop songs in the car with Vinci, having a nice massage and dinner at the Herb Library



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