• Jasmine Hussain

Bali ' 18 (2)

Made a really impromptu decision the previous day which led to Kim and I waking up at 2:30 the next morning to hike up Mt Batur! (Natalie had done it before and hence she didn't join us) It was pitch black when we walked out from our air bnb, which was really scary because our air bnb was about a 20m walk away from the main road through a really narrow path. and we got into a car that was just waiting by the road - another thing that could be really dodge because who knew who the guy could be/where they could've taken us, but we did get to the base of Mt Batur safely and met with our guide.

The entire hike up was pitch black and we had to use torch lights to get our footing. Kim and I were really under-dressed as well because we hadn't plan to go on this hike and so we didn't have the appropriate clothing. When we reached the top at 5:30am, it was absolutely freezing and windy - but we had hot ginger tea to keep us semi-warm. We then waited for the sun to rise and it was just so incredible!! Took so many lovely pics and despite us having to wake up so early and doing this semi-intense hike, it was definitely worth it!

Those beach sarongs/scarves were all we had to keep us warm haha

The descent from Mt Batur was really fun and the best part was that it was so warm and that we could finally see the path which we had climbed up! So that was really cool and we also made it down in half the time :) Our Guide Nick was really kind and funny, which made the journey even better. Kim and I then headed back to our air bnb to meet Nat, get clean, pack our bags and went to the coffee shop just outside our air bnb called Kutuh Coffee for brunch.

We then got picked up by the driver from Dad's hotel (so v thankful :')) ) and headed to Kuta where we were staying for the next few days. Our air bnb at Kuta was so much nicer and cleaner! It was an apartment that was two stories high with a lovely living room. After unpacking and just chilling for a bit, we headed to Finn's Beachclub. However, it was really disappointing and so commercialized and so we decided to just lay on the beach just outside the club. It was really relaxing lying down especially after that hike, and we played with these 2 dogs that kept coming to us! We then headed to our fav spot - Peleton Supershop for dinner!

The next morning, we were back in Peleton for breakfast!

We then went surfing at Legian beach and had lunch at a random cafe (that's literally what I wrote in my journal so it must've been so random that I couldn't even remember what it was called) and went for a lovely massage after! Wait actually, not so lovely because the masseuse kept talking the whole time, so it wasn't that relaxing.

We then walked to Jalan Kayu Aya (streets with loads of shops) and got Mad Pops ice cream before walking back to our air bnb :)

The next day, we had another day trip to Nusa Penida Island! Getting there was really stressful because we hadn't booked a tour online and so nothing was confirmed. We almost got scammed but managed to find a boat company with a decent price compared to many other boat companies that were just lined up side by side, but that was still twice the price of what was mentioned online, but anyway, we made it to the island and we faced another challenge of having to find a driver to get us around the island. This was something we did not know we had to do prior to visiting the island and it was just really frustrating. But of course we managed to get a driver (because you had to - well that or to ride a bike but that was 100% not an option to be discussed) and had amazing food at Vegan Soul Kitchen (isn't it just so amazing that even on this small island, there was a vegan restaurant?! ), and went to a couple of attractions before heading back to the boat meeting point.

The food here was incredible and we also played with the cutest puppy ever!

We were so panicked when we had to pay the driver because we weren't keeping track of how much money we had and almost did not have enough money to pay him! But thankfully we managed to scrape by but had no money left on us to go out for dinner. So, we had to head back to our air bnb to get cash and then headed to Earth Cafe for dinner :)

The next morning, we had breakfast at Peleton again and did some street shopping (where I got my head bands that I wear almost everyday now) before heading back to Dad's place! It felt so nice to be back somewhere familiar :') We then chilled, played catching like kids in the pool (literally screaming like them in fear of being caught and other guest were laughing at us) and went to the spa for a foot reflex and to get our nails done hehe. Got back and had dinner at the hotel and then left for home the next day!

Another amazing trip to Bali! It was a lot more exciting this time because we actually stayed in different locations rather than having to drive up everyday like we did previously. The people in Bali are just so kind hearted and it is truly a vegan food paradise. Can't wait to be back!



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