• Jasmine Hussain

Before leaving for Uni Year 2

1. Met up with Farhan at Haakon and had a really good catch up :)

2. Beautiful Mummy's surprise 50th Birthday party!! Invited 30 of her closest friends to a dinner at Portico and it was sooo successful :')  

3. Had one of the most lovely evenings just talking endlessly and seamlessly about things that matter with Nicole, Luk Ching, Miriam and Natascha! We also chatted over amazing food that everyone had contributed to such as sweet potato, bliss balls, sushi, cake and ice cream!!

4. Had lunch at Barrio in 313 with my companion for life aka my lovely jie :) 

5. Crystal jade at HV with the cutie roomies!! And spent too much time trying on make-up in Guardian and also had an intense discussion in the train on making their money's worth on an uber ride back to NTU

6. Vegan lunch of 'pulled pork' (made of jackfruit) and salad with Kim - and she said it tasted legit which made me so happy!! We then painted and went to the LKC History Museum in NUS with Natalie :) 

7. Another trip to Haakon to try their acai bowls this time! Honestly sooooo creammy :)

8. Spent the day with Bincs watching Zootopia, cooking (made baked potatoes for lunch which tasted amazing, as well as corn which made us too full) and taking pictures in Bishan park! Wore matchy chokers which Bincs very kindly gave me :')

9. Marutama for dinner with Kim and ZW!! As usual spent too much time trying to get a decent photo right before we split off to get home

10. Super chill afternoon with Claire!! We baked granola and 1/4 of them got burnt :'( But the remaining 3/4 still tasted amazing I promise! It's been a while since we spent quality time with each other and it made me realized how much I missed hanging out with her ! 



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