• Jasmine Hussain

Best Edinburgh Sunset Ever

The weather was too great not to be outside so after coming back from school at 4:50pm, I dropped my bag and went ' Right, I'm going up Arthur's seat now regardless of whether anyone would want to go up with me' (Beverly went up with me though so YAY)

I love how you can see the layers of hills in different shades

The loch (lake) next to Arthur's seat

There were so many others who were just sitting here - some with friends, some alone, some had brought up food and had a little picnic, some just staring into the distance whilst being plugged in. It was amazing to see how youth here are so carefree and spontaneous and it was a pleasure of mine to witness it, the atmosphere of everyone just chilling and appreciating nature was incredible

It looked as if they were walking off the cliff 

This has got to be one of the most spontaneous and best experiences I've had ever. I can't explain how beautiful it was in words but I am pretty sure the pictures did a little bit of justice. There was one point in time where we were walking up the hill with no one else in sight, it was just us walking towards the sun setting and not being able to see beyond the hill - just like in the movies! It felt so unreal, like I was in a dream, and I can't stop thinking how fortunate I am really for being able to witness something so amazing and to also make the spontaneous decision to just go up Arthur's seat whenever I want to. 

The world is such a beautiful place 



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