• Jasmine Hussain

Bhutan (4)

Day 6 

The day started with a 30 minute morning run with Justina just along a road leading up to the hotel - it was only on this run where I could actually feel the effects of high altitude (unless I was just really unfit, that could be it as well). Any who, after the run we met the family for breakfast again and then headed to visit a Montessori school as Mum is really interested in opening a Montessori in Bhutan which is super exciting!! I was the appointed photographer and spent a good hour just taking pictures of the school and the lovely children who were all so eager to learn :) 

After that we visited the highest point in Bhutan on Dantak road which was 3988m in altitude! The drive up here was simply magnificent :') 

We then changed into the local Bhutanese dressing and took pictures! It was also National Day in Singapore that day! 

We then headed back to town to have lunch and explored the town for a bit before heading back to pack our bags and just chill :) So day 6 was a pretty uneventful day but it was still enjoyable nonetheless because we could just relax 

Day 7 

Departure day :'( We headed to the local supermarket before heading to the airport and across the street from the supermarket, Justina and I saw the Bhutanese equivalent to 'Pizza hut' and decided we had to try Bhutanese pizza! So we got 2 small personal pan sized ones and kept them for before the flight. 

After bidding goodbye to our amazing guide and driver, Kuenzang and Tandi, we checked in our bags and got through customs only to find out that our flight was delyed for an hour and a half - annoying!! We then chatted to the other Singaporean guest who were staying with us in the same hotel and also leaving on the same flight, at the departure hall and also tried the pizza! It wasn't anything special and tasted like average pizza but I'm still glad we tried it hehe 

I've finally come to the end of my Bhutan travel posts!! I'm so glad I did this so that I can always look back and reminisce this wonderful holiday :) It is truly one of the most memorable trips I've had! I think the fact that I had zero expectations of what Bhutan would be like made me fall even greater in love with this beautiful place :'))))) 



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