• Jasmine Hussain

♥ Claire's Visit!! ♥

Another visitor from Norway came!! ☺

On the first evening that Claire arrived, we had a black bean quinoa chili while watching Riverdale and then we headed to bed! She also gifted me really nice fairy lights and a lovely candle which I LOVEEE - how sweet :) 

The next morning was our first day of exploring! First stop was to the Edinburgh Castle 

We then walked down the Royal Mile, past Holyrood palace and then hiked up Arthur's Seat! 

Beautiful Duddingston Loch

It was insanely windy up Arthur's seat so we didn't stay long before quickly heading back down

Love this pic!

We then went to Maki and Ramen for lunch and some defrosting

also heard Singaporeans a few tables for us and we talked for like 2 mins hahah

We then headed to the Grassmarket :) 

The Red Door Gallery - one of me fav shops on Victoria street!

Went into a Harry Potter shop and there was this photo-taking set up with a table, book, feather pen, wand, glasses and scarf and Claire just looks so adorable here!!! 

That night, we headed to Beverly and Tessa's flat for Beverly's birthday dinner! Had a sushi party and played Exploding Kittens and Bang! and chatted till 12am - t'was a super lovely evening :) 

Had pancakes and topped with banana ice cream and fruit for breakfast the next morning ☺

We headed to Princes Street for some shopping in the morning - Claire got a really pretty mug from Anthropologie and a really nice dish (jewelry holder type thing) with a C on it from Oliver Bonas :) Two really aesthetically pleasing shops where I wish I could get everything from!

We went to Saboteur for lunch! Love this place - highly recommend! After lunch we just headed back to mine and we chilled, watched YouTube videos and then cooked up a feast for dinner - sweet potato fries, bean burgers, sriracha cauliflower with bread crumbs and gaucamole :) 

Topo came round for dinner and we then played Halo with Connor and Hugo! 

The next day, we headed to Calton Hill and stopped by the Old College on the way

Calton Hill 


Love this pic of us!!

We then went charity shopping after that and Claire successfully got a few items of clothing and I was really happy for her! I'm always happy when people manage to find things they like in a charity shop hehe it's just so much more satisfying than at a normal retail shop because you never know what you're going to find and you're also supporting a good cause at the same time!! 

In the evening, we did the same vacuum pack trick for Claire and I swear I will use this technique for the rest of my life because it is seriously a life saver! and also super fun to do 

Claire then left the next morning ☹☹☹ WAS SUCH A LOVELY TRIP!!!! Thank you so much for visiting and really hope we get to do more traveling together in the future!! First friend made in AC and friend for many years to come ♡



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