• Jasmine Hussain

Day spent with fellow Singaporeans

On Saturday, I decided to join the Singaporeans to go to Duddingston Loch! It was such a nice trip down and it was a blessing that it did not rain!

Aren't we just so cool

We were surrounded by berry bushes and Beverly and I just kept plucking them and eating them! I've never eaten wild berries before so it was quite exciting hahaha and they were really sweet which was surprising!

We had lunch near the loch (Fun fact : Loch is Gaelic for Lake) ,  just sitting on a couple of steps and  decided to play Heads Up! We had such a great time laughing our assess off when we replayed the videos hahah

After that, I had dinner at a senior's flat. It was a mentor/mentee cluster dinner (basically, its part of the Singapore society here where each senior is paired up with a fresher to provide any help/guidance sorta thing), and the food was sooo good! I've never eaten till I was so full in a long time and my mentor specially baked a vegan quiche for me which I was so touched by and it was delicious!

Tutorials start next week which I'm quite excited for but I have a 3 hour lab session on Monday which I'm not looking forward to :( I've also got quite a bit of reading to do for marketing so I'm gonna go back to doing that. Erin and I just went up Arthur's seat this afternoon as it was so sunny and would be a shame to just stay indoors the whole day. We also found a sneaky entrance/short-cut back to our house woohoo Tonight's the day of the lunar eclipse and there's a gathering in the meadows to try to catch it at 2am, I praying I'll be able to stay up for that!



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