• Jasmine Hussain

December Holidays '16

Currently in York now to celebrate Christmas with the Littlewoods! Just spent the entire afternoon cooking and peeling vegetables for Christmas lunch tomorrow and I am so tired :( But I love being here and just chilling and also can't be happier that exams are finally over!! I honestly felt like such a slave, I even forgot what day it was just because everyday was the same routine - wake up, breakfast, study, lunch, study, dinner, study, sleep, repeat :( and especially when I had to study for 2 days even after Justina had arrived, that was tough. But yeah, so glad they are over now and I think they went rather well! SO YAY can finally relax now till school starts on the 16th! 

Basically what happened since I last posted:

Arthur's Seat !!

Street of Light event! There was a live choir which was really nice 

Christmas market after!! Love the atmosphere here :') 

Party like Gatsby!! This was a Gatsby themed party and though it was not worth it (£25?!), it was so fun to dress up and the music was really good and retro, my feet were dying from dancing in heels all night but then we got McDonald's after and I tried their veggie burger which was actually not bad?! All in all it was such a great night :) 


Tried Juice Warrior for the first time and it was not bad, I'd try their smoothie bowls next time rather than a juice (cos I feel I could easily make them myself) 

Princes street was absolutely gorgeous this evening! Was right after I picked up Justina at the train station :')

Met Elaine and Shermaine who came up from London! and it was right after my last exam (felt sooooo good to finally be free!) We went to the Street of Light show and then headed to the Christmas market :) Was so nice chatting to them!

The next morning we had breakfast at the Printing Press, which was part of the hotel they were staying at (Principal) and it was so yummy and the hotel had such a homy vibe, if I ever wanted to do a staycation, would definitely have it there!! After breakfast, we headed over to Calton Hill :)

After Calton Hill, we headed to Black Medicine for Coffee and then to Hendersons for lunch! We were just chatting for hours and hours till it was time for them to leave, it was hailing just as they were about to leave which was not fun, but after dropping them off at the bus stop, I met up with Justina (she had left to meet a friend) and we headed back home to get warm! 

The next morning we had the most relaxed afternoon, I hung up pictures on my wall and we were watching sunbeamjess's vlogmas simultaneously, and then headed to the Grassmarket at 12 for lunch and vintage shopping! I got a coat and this oversized jumper (for just £12!!) which I absolutely love and cannot wait to wear!

Justina brought me into the loveliest book store ever! and then because the weather was so bad - it was raining and so windy, we decided to have tea in Lovecrumbs and so we shared a carrot cake and I got a tea, and we just sat there till the rain died down a little before heading back out to Princes Street! 

After shopping around, we headed back home for a bit and then met Topo for dinner at a Korean Restaurant!

Had one of the best Jap Chae ever! also one of the biggest portions ever but it was sooo yummy and I finished it all! Headed back to the flat after to chat and then impromptu-ly booked tickets to Liverpool and Lake District in Jan - SOO EXCITED :) 



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