• Jasmine Hussain

Done with Diss!

Handed in my dissertation on the 24th! Honestly can't believe it.

I remember thinking as a first year student how big a feat a dissertation was and feeling like your whole university experience was preparing you for this giant project at the end of your fourth year. I remember thinking how difficult it would be and how I couldn't even imagine myself writing a dissertation let alone think of a topic to write it on. But here I am four years later, having handed in my dissertation and feeling so proud of myself and everyone else!

When I tell others that I've handed in my dissertation, its funny how it comes across as just another piece of university work that I've done rather than this huge commitment and project that I've worked on for months. Despite how challenging and stressful writing my dissertation was, I really enjoyed the process because it was something I was truly interested in - having picked the topic myself - and felt that the project was really meaningful. In a nutshell, my dissertation was about assessing the socio-economic and environmental impacts of an agroforestry project in India. Agroforestry is a farming system where arable crops are intercropped with trees and this arrangement is meant to increase crop yields, enhance soil characteristics, is climate resilient and therefore meant to bring economic benefits to farmers. The final result was that agroforestry was a promising solution for these marginalised farmers in India!

I am so proud of the end product of my dissertation, regardless the result (getting a first would definitely help though hehe)! Now that the dissertation is handed in, I've got no more excuses to be procrastinating looking for a job so gotta start doing that. Bye for now!


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