• Jasmine Hussain

Dublin '16

Day 1: We arrived at about 12pm and then checked in to Temple Bar Hotel (which was super nice and the bed was so comfy and breakfast was amazing ) 

After roaming the streets for a bit, we headed to Yamamori Izakaya for lunch! 

We shared a soba noodle dish with grilled vegetables and a tofu steak!

The tofu steak was honestly the best tofu I've ever had!! The inside of the tofu was sweet even without all the sauce!! 

We then shopped for a bit and then caught the River Dance! It was amazingggg and the lead couple was so good looking, esp the guy, he was so charming and dreamyyyyyy :)))) 

Day 2: The Cliffs of Moher and the Burren 

We were so lucky as the weather forecast stated that it would rain the entire day and it was pouring as the coach took us to the cliffs but once we reached, the sky cleared and remained that way for the entirety of the day tour!! Blessed :') 

My hat was flying off at this point as the wind was insane and it landed in a pool of mud hurray

My cute cow friends!!

This was the Burrens! Everything here is limestone and it's said to look as if you were walking on the moon and I kinda agree! 

On the opposite side of where I was standing to take this shot, this limestone pavement stretched out for endless miles ahead of me and I was literally staring in awe 

Nature is amazing!!!

After the Burrens, we went to visit Galway City where mum and I had vegan shepherd's pie and a organic rice noodle bowl with sweet potato and other vegetables, and then headed back to Dublin ! 

We had Thai for dinner! This pad thai was deeeelicious

This was a stir fried Aubergine and tofu dish

Day 3: Headed to the Guinness Factory! 

Look at mum striking that pose

Part of the tour included going to the Guinness Academy where they taught us how to pour our own pint of Guinness and mum and I did !! I must say I did not dislike the taste of it as much as I imagined I would have. Also, I put my uni card in my back pocket with my phone and when I took my phone out to take a picture, my uni card fell out and a kind man picked it up for me!! THANK YOU KIND SOUL :') 

We then caught our 4:55pm flight back to London 

Dublin was not too bad!! My favourite day was when we went to the Cliffs of Moher because I would pick to appreciate nature over shopping/walking around the city any day!! 



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