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✦ Elaine's visit !! ✦

Lovely Elaine came to visit me in Edinburgh on the 16th of September!! 

The first evening she arrived, we met Jevelin for dinner (Elaine's JC friend who's currently doing her masters in Edinburgh) at Maki & Ramen :) The world is so small!!

I loved the nights we spent together because we would just chat aimlessly about everything before heading to bed :) 

The next day we went for a hike at the Pentland Hills!! 

- beautiful as always - 

My fav view 

This girl chasing after sheep to take pics of them 

We were blessed with good weather! 

We bought salads from Graze before getting the bus and had it for lunch sitting on a grassy hill (with a lot of sheep poop which we successfully avoided) ☺


We made sushi that night for dinner with Topo and watched the Stanford experiment - I was so troubled by it after I had to watch a happy video because I just felt so uncomfortable and not good. To people who are into psychological films - I would recommend this 

The next day was spend looking around the city - first stop - Edinburgh castle :) 

Then we got some Chatime that Elaine the bubbletea lover was craving, and walking down the royal mile and through the palace of Holyrood park to get to Arthur's Seat :)

Saw this cutie golden retriever along the way!

Pretttyyyy ♥

(and can we just appreciate the amazing depth mode of the iPhone 7 plus) 

Never get sick of this view 

The next day, I actually headed to a lecture whilst Elaine went shopping on Princes street (look at me being studious - not). Topo and I then met Elaine for lunch at Hula Juice bar after ☺ We had poké bowls (vegan for me of course) that were really disappointing cos I love Hula's :(( 

Elaine and I then went charity shopping and we got so many good deals!! I was rather ashamed because I said I wouldn't buy anything but the sweater and jumper that I got were really nice - people make mistakes ok. but I do wear them super often now!! Elaine got 2 coats for £13?? How amazing! and I was so happy for her because she was actively looking for coats and managed to get really nice ones for such a good price :) 

The next day we went to Calton Hill ! 

and again were blessed with amazing sunny weather :) 

We then went on another round of charity shopping and then headed back for dinner! We had green curry for dinner that night and then I helped Elaine to pack! I had relatively large ziplock bags and we stuffed her coats in them and vacuum sealed them, which was so much fun to do!!! And they save an incredible amount of space 

Elaine left the next morning ☹ But it was such a lovely visit and thank you so much for visiting me and for the lovely gifts as well!! The conversations we had were lovely, we learnt new things about each other and it is always nice having friends from home visit me here and it's amazing to think that we are even able to meet halfway across the world!!☺ Here's to 8 years of friendship and more ♥



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