• Jasmine Hussain


Mango-Banana-Dragonfruit Nice cream!

This one had the same base as the one above. I don't quite like how I decorated this bowl but the strawberries just made it taste 100% more summer-y and refreshing!

Vegan mooncakes from Baker's Well!! The Sugar free Pure White Lotus with Roasted Melon seeds was my fav :) The other two I had were the Pure White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts and the Mixed Nuts Traditional Mooncake. Mooncakes generally have an egg wash to give it that glistening skin but Baker's Well had kindly made mine without the egg wash! 

Mango-Banana base with about a tsp of Spirulina Powder! Particularly liked this combination and its amazing how such a small amount of Spirulina gives it so much extra flavor

Matcha Banana pancakes for bfast!! I bought carob powder the previous day from Mustafa (vegan heaven honestly) and tried to make a carob sauce, a substitute to chocolate sauce - it was rather powdery and the taste wasn't quite right, but just gotta keep trying till I get the it right!

Made Natascha's 6-Ingredient Banana Bliss Balls and absolutely loved them!! Thank You for creating this amazing recipe ♡ (My mum and Ruby particularly loved them)

Aren't these peppers adorable??? I literally held them for a good 30 seconds being amused and smiling to myself hahahhaha

Made my home-made granola again but added some toasted coconut chips for some extra flavour!

Really love food so muchh :) and I can't agree more with the saying 'You are what you eat' because your body pulls nutrients and energy from what you put into it and very literally functions based on what you're feeding it and therefore, it's so important to nourish yourself as best as you can!

(Today I also made Raw Matcha Mini Cheesecakes from TessBegg and they were deeeelicious :') The texture tastes more like ice cream to me rather than a cheesecake, but I'm not complaining!)



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