• Jasmine Hussain

Fresher's Week

I left off on a Thursday so let's start with FRIDAY

So, I went to meet my personal tutor Friday morning to tell her which modules I'm planning to take. It was my first time walking to the King's Building by myself but Google Maps saved my life! and even though the walk is pretty long (2.5km) it was really enjoyable plus the weather makes it all better. Then after the meeting, I headed back to my room and started to plan my timetable. It was quite stressful as I had to make sure none of my classes clashed and I had time to travel between the 2 campuses plus there were so many options of tutorials to take - e.g choose 1 between tutorial 1-10. But I'm glad I managed to get that sorted. Then I met Erin for lunch and again we ate in the Meadows! It's so nice to have lunch whilst looking out to a huge park full of green (: We then decided to explore Calton Hill! 

Deco for Pumpkin Spiced Latte!!

( I can't wait to try a Pumpkin Spiced Latte! and this was just a Starbucks we passed along the way) 

We met Sanya along the way

It was so beautiful :') 

We reached Calton Hill at around 4:45pm and that explains why some of the photos are really dark. After heading back for dinner, Erin and I got ready to go to the Big Ceilidh! (Scottish dancing) We ended up having to queue for an hour before entering as it was too crowded in the venue but it was definitely worth the wait as it was so fun!! We took turns being the guy and girl in a couple and thank goodness there weren't too many sweaty people we had to link arms with HA!

Saturday was one of the best days this week! Though I was disappointed about not being able to go for the hiking trip, I had an amazing time at the beach! I expected many of us from the same house to go to the beach that day but there were only 3?? hahaha It was just Erin and I and another guy (i forgot his name :( ) and the 3 residential assistants brought us there! Though it was an hour walk to the beach, it was scenic, warm and sunny! 

Walked past Arthur's Seat along the way

Had the huge urge to belt out The Hills Are Alive by the Sound Of Music here

We just basically chilled at the beach for a good 2 hours! Erin and I managed to pick some nice rocks and shells to bring back as well. The other guy who came with us was going to be studying Geology and he was a genius!! He was basically telling us the the origin of each type of rock that we picked up and literally knew every type of rock and how they were formed. I was blown away by the knowledge he had about geology. Fun fact : Only in Edinburgh would you find people suntanning whilst wearing a trench coat!

After the beach, Erin and I combined our laundry load and shared the cost of doing laundry woooh & then we got lunch at 4:30pm HAHAH and guess where we ate?? Yup that's right, the meadows! Following that, I went for dinner at Kampong Ali, a Malaysian restaurant, with a Singaporean senior and other people. I had mixed vegetable curry with rice. CHINESE RICE !! Rice, oh glorious rice, I've missed you too much!! It was so nice being able to talk to a senior who understood the struggles of freshers and she comforted me that things would get better! 

I headed back to Pollock halls after that and then Erin and I had a movie night! We watched Just Go With It but we both fell asleep halfway hahah

Sunday was the most chilled day in the entire week! I had breakfast at 11am which is probably the latest time I've ever had breakfast, then I went up to Erin's room to finish the movie and then started on The Back Up Plan. Then we went to grab free food!! A hotdog vendor came into the halls and so a couple of other girls and I went to get our free hotdogs! I obviously had a vegetarian one and it was really yummmyyy. The other girls then also came to Erin's room after our free lunch and we all watched White Chicks together before heading to dinner.

So now its currently 9pm and I'm just going to catch up on a whole week of YouTube videos which I haven't made the time to watch and get ready for the first day of school tomorrow - SO EXCITED!! 



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