• Jasmine Hussain

Happily Busy

I never did expect myself to be so busy the first summer that I'm back home - internship, ballet rehearsals and my favourite part of meeting friends and spending time with family! Despite the times where I feel so tired and frustrated and really just dread waking up at 6:50am in the morning every weekday, I am glad that I have busied myself with all these activities because I'm not sure what I'd do in the day if I didn't have an internship. I mean of course I could read, watch videos, tv series', paint and all sorts (oh maybe do my summer project which I have completely forgotten about), but I'm pretty sure I'd get bored of all that if I had to do it for more than a month! I do wish I had more time to hang out with friends and my family though :'( However, I'm still happily busy!! 

 Behold, the best vegan pizza I've ever had so far!!!! This was a Hawaiian one

This was BBQ chicken! 

Shared these 2 amazing pizzas with Beverly and Tessa when we met up for dinner at Brownice at Upper Thomson :) We also finished the meal off with vegan ice cream where instead of dairy milk, they used brown rice milk (hence the name of the place)! I had a hazelnut and chocolate flavor and it was deeeelicous and also 1/3rd of the calories of regular ice cream!! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for healthy ice cream and also really affordable pizza!

Met up with Kim and Natalie at Simei and then went to Kim's house to chill!! and had a mini photoshoot with Kim's dogs, Sugar and Biscuit, and they are just too cute and small and soft and squishy and I could just go on and on 

Natalie was awake for probably just 20 minutes in Kim's house and then she fell asleep on the floor ahahhah so Kim and I just lay on the floor and talked about anything and everything!!

Quickly snapped some photos as Natalie and I headed to the shuttle bus to get to the mrt! 

Watched the Day I Met The Prince by The Theatre Practice!! I enjoyed the show so much more than I expected (and I was already expecting that I would have enjoyed it a lot) and it was just so nice to see the 3 of them perform again! Really missed everyone's company and daily grind of going for rehearsals, making props, moving props, having meaningful conversations, having funny conversations, laughing at min bao's dancing etc. Sighhh - a part of me regrets so much for not taking up the job of working with this group :'(((( 

Met up with Iwen and Bernice for dinner at Cocoichibanya!! We then walked to the steps outside Wisma and sat there and chatted :) Was such a great catch up with the other 2 sg ditchers (as we call ourselves hahahah) and hopefully we'll get to visit each other in the future! I was just thinking about it the other day, and its so strange when you put numbers to it, but we've known each other for 3 years now! Seems like it's been so short yet so long all at the same time :') 



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