• Jasmine Hussain

Highlands & Hairy Coos

On the 27th of December, Justina and I went on a Free Scottish Highlands Tour! 

(they tell you how much the tour is worth and you pay according to how much you feel like you want to give, which I thought was an amazing system!) 

We first went to the Forth Bridge and for a second I forgot that I was in Edinburgh because the bridge was so modern and massive (similar to the Golden Gate bridge) in contrast to the old victorian-age looking buildings in Edinburgh

After the bridge, we went to the National Wallace Monument in Stirling but didn't take any pictures then

Next stop was to the Lake of Menteith

Then went to Aberfoyle for lunch! Thank goodness I packed the curry I had cooked for dinner the previous night cos there was nothing much for me to eat in this little town/village 

Got a yummy hot chocolate after and also bought 6 mini candles for my room which were on half price!!

Next stop was to see the Hairy Coos - my fav part of the tour!!!

my pained expression as its horns hit my back - they can be really powerful and dangerous!!

My fav shot :')

We then went to Loch Katrine which was really picturesque 

(Hard to find me, I know)

Aww look at pretty Justina!!

Last stop was to Doune Castle! Justina and I took the opportunity to take photos in the woods hehe it was so fun and we were laughing so much as we were taking the silliest photos but that's what I love about travelling with Justina, we can make our own fun in our own ways and be completely content with that! 

We then headed back to Edinburgh and arrived at around 5pm. Back at the flat, I then started to chop up vegetables and cook rice and mushrooms for the sushi party that we were going to have with Topo! It was sooooooo incredibly good and after making my own sushi and knowing how much it costs, I don't think I could ever justify buying sushi (especially maki) in a restaurant anymore! It's just so much fun making it yourself and so much cheaper as well (and for anyone who is curious, the rice was flavoured with sushi vinegar!)



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