• Jasmine Hussain

Kim's here!!

- Kim step foot on the grounds of Edinburgh on the 3rd of April -

I feel so incredibly blessed to have had a number of friends and family come visit me in my second home!! 

I picked Kim up from Waverly station at around 8:15pm on Monday night and we headed straight back to mine after the insane fact that we were actually in Edinburgh together sunk in, and also whilst she shared her London adventures with me. We had a yummy snack of smashed avocado on charcoal biscuits from M&S drizzled with Sriracha and had a relatively early night for our first day of exploring the city! (oh we also watched The Series of Unfortunate Events before we slept)

The next morning, we headed to the gym in the morning! (and contrary to what many believe, no I did not force Kim to come to the gym with me, she gladly came along ok) After a great workout sesh, we had pancakes for lunch and then I had to go to Uni to sort some admin stuff (and Kim took a nap) and we only headed out to the city at 3pm! 

First stop, Edinburgh Castle!! (I've mentioned before, but I feel like its not worth paying to go into the castle, its much nicer from the outside :) ) 

Along the Royal Mile heading up to the castle, there was a pop up vendor set up by a man who breeds and collects owls purely out of interest (it's his hobby) and he allows passersby to hold and take pictures with his owl as he provides general information about the species and how they are kept/bred. There was a small donation box that read 'It takes £4 a day to upkeep the owl' but of course this wasn't anything compulsory. Kim and I then gave £2 together and I liked the fact that he did not even look at the money we handed him as he thanked us!! But thinking back, I'm not too proud of the fact that I supported this cause because he is in fact taking these owls out of the wild and taming them purely for his own interest. I also asked about what he feeds his owls and he mentioned that they have lost their ability to hunt because he needs them kept in the enclosure :'((((((( SO I am a bit disappointed with the fact that I supported him but I really wanted to touch and hold the owl as well??? sigh

Kim and I then got Chatime!!! and then embarked on my favourite route to Arthur's Seat - down the Royal Mile to the Palace of Holyrood, round to Duddingston Loch and then up Arthur's Seat from the back and then down Arthur's seat by the stairs at the front :) 

Picture goals!!!!!

(The wind was absolutely insane and blowing in all directions!!)

Much better :) 

We had sushi for dinner that night!! We also experienced a short circuit right before dinner and thankfully the rice in the ricecooker had just been cooked before the power went off !! After waiting for ages for the electrician to come, we then headed off to Nic's flat party and then Kristiina and Topo came over to mine to chill after and chat :) It was such a nice relaxed night and I'm so glad Kim managed to meet my friends and also experience a flat party - a unique experience to uni students in the uk as compared to in Singapore!

The next day, we ventured to the Pentland Hills!! We went there with Miriam and her older sister Hannah as they were in Edinburgh for a couple of days to visit their Aunt and watch her perform in the Fiddler on the Roof :) It was lovely meeting them both and we had great conversations en route to the Pentlands, but unfortunately due to time constraints, we parted ways after the visitor centre as they had to embark on a shorter trail to get back to the city centre before 5pm 

Parted shortly after this photo 

Kim couldn't stop saying how in awe she was of the environment! But really, just look how amazing the Pentlands are :') 

Rgoh also texted me then saying she was (Re)living vicariously through my instagram because she was the first person I brought to the Pentlands! and also when I first discovered this route with her :) Memories!!! :')

Rgoh and I also took this same exact photo hehe

Attempt 1 at chasing sheep (poor sheep)

Attempt 2 at chasing sheep. (Look at it's little leg stretched out!!)

Whilst trekking, we played categories (my fav game to play on long journeys) and I think it's safe to say: I was da champ!!! Some of the categories we played were: Capital Cities, Citrus Fruits, Teas, Dog Breeds, University Degrees 

We sat under a tree and finished our lunch of sushi (prepared in the morning from last night's meal) and FaceTimed Natalie!!! 

We then got the bus back home at around 5pm and had a nice warm shower and cooked a lentil and chickpea curry for dinner that night. It was a really fulfilling day being in touch with nature and also spending precious quality time with Kim!  :')



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