• Jasmine Hussain

Kim's here! (2)

Day 3 - Hairy Coo Free Highland Tour! 

Kim and I were the last on the bus and so we had to sit separately sobs :'( 

This was the same tour that I went on with my Sister last December and so I won't mention the places we visited cos they're all the same! (I'll just link the post here if anyone is interested in the names of the places)

This was in Aberfoyle where we stopped for lunch and there was a Corgi herding ducks round an obstacle course! It was absolutely adorable!!! 

Beautiful dog we met who wouldn't let go of her stick!!

Hairy Coos! Unfortunately we did not manage to get close enough to touch them like my sister and I did in December and so we had to look at them from afar :( 

After the highland tour, we headed back home and had sweet potato fries wrapped in sweet gem lettuce with a dressing of tahini and maple syrup - yum!!! and we watched Planet Earth II whilst enjoying dinner :) We both then had a cheeky nap before we headed to a friend's for pres and then to El Barrio!

It was such a fun night but also rather tiring from all the dancing and the music was really good as well! It's a Cuban-style club and hence most of the music was Spanish but I really enjoyed it and so did Kim :) We left the club at around 3 in the morning and on the way back, we decided to stop by the Royal Mile to see if the Avengers were filming then, but unfortunately they weren't :( (The Avengers were filming in Edinburgh for a few weeks in April just fyi - super cool!!! cant wait to see the film!!)

Day 4 - Portobello Beach! ☼

This day consisted of a series of unfortunate events because we got on the wrong bus there and got on the wrong bus back :(( So we ended up having to pay £3.80 extra sobs

I bought the bread on the left of the pic for just £1.20!! As the shop that we got our juices from were selling them on sale as they were about to go off :) The bread was infused with spices and it was so fragrant and delicious!

This girl loves her ham

And then we went on a photo spree and there was a table of ladies behind us just laughing at us whilst we were acting like 6 year olds - but who cares!!

I was really dying here and could not hold my composure to take the picture that follows

But I managed to! YAY ME

We tried!!


We walked around the Grassmarket before heading to dinner and in my favourite shop along the Grassmarket called The Red Door Gallery, this was hanging by the window and I LOOVEEE IT SO MUCH! I want to make one for Singapore when I have the time to

We then headed for dinner at Paradise Palms with Topo, Nic and Maria (Topo's friend - they lived in the same accommodation in 1st year) and had an amazing affordable vegetarian meal (just £8 each?) of 'meatball' subs, vegan 'pulled pork' subs (made of jackfruit), cauliflower buffalo wings, bean burgers, vegan mac & cheese and 2 portions of sweet potato fries!!

Topo and Nic then headed back to mine and we had the raw vegan cheesecake that Kim and I baked the previous night! The consistency was more like an ice cream cake but boy was it deeeelicious!!



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