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Last week in Singapore

Here's how I spent my last week in Singapore before I left for uni

Monday's breakfast - I find so much joy in making my food look pretty!!

Made Whole Wheat pancakes on Wednesday, it was so fluffy and it tasted amazing with coconut peanut butter and bananas! (I also made enough to have it for breakfast for the next 3 days:)) 

Love the whole Raffles Place scene! Took this on the way to Victoria Concert Hall where I watched Voco - Singapore Ladies Choir with Bronwen's family which I enjoyed thoroughly :) 

Had a farewell lunch with ballet friends - It was the first time we all hung out together outside of class hahaha, and class will be back to single digit attendance after 3 of us leave for uni! It was nice reminiscing the good old days at SBA where there were 30 people in a small studio and we were literally grand jeté-ing out of the studio!


It's so colourful and was soooo yummy and vegan because I've decided to become a vegan! (I'll do a seperate post on that)

Went to watch The Man from U.N.C.L.E with Jtina! I didn't enjoy it at all which was so sad because I was looking forward to a really exciting movie but it turned out to be so anti-climatic and the humour wasn't great too - what a disappointment!!

Attended ballet class with Min Ting on Friday for the first time!! We went for the adult class at SDT and it was excellent and quite cool because we've only done gym together and have never seen each other dance before hehe :) After class ting treated me to KOI (yay thank you so much) and then we just walked around Bugis plus and chatted and I was just so happy that we managed to spend time together <3

Lunch at Saveur with daddy at ION as he wanted to spend some quality time together! We also met Claire and her mum in the lift hahha what a coincidence?? We initially wanted to eat at Jones but we realised it was closed :( but Saveur didn't disappoint! I had the pumpkin soup and the grilled seasonal vegetables which was real yummy and surprisingly really filling! Dad had the pasta and grilled potatoes with bacon.

Sent Kim off at the airport :(((((((((( 

To be honest, I didn't and couldn't feel sad at the airport. I think it just hasn't sunken in that the 3 of us won't be reunited till next July!

Cafes along Fullerton Road, loved the atmosphere here!

Our spectacular view during Sat night's family dinner at Palm Beach Seafood restaurant!! 

I'm so grateful for such a wonderful family! Our monthly gatherings at amazing restaurants is always something I look forward to. It's nice that all the cousins are grown up now so we can actually hold good conversations as compared to in the past where we would just be playing games either on our phones or cards at the dinner table hahaha . LOVE THEM LOADS

With Ms Ong :')

Last ballet class at SBA today :((( It's something I will miss so so much! I always look forward to classes on the weekend and I'll be grumpy if I have to miss any class for whatever reason hahah 

Nothing makes me happier than when I'm dancing! ( Random note : Go and listen to Dancing Through Life from Wicked : The Musical!! ) 


I don't often (actually never) tell people this, but my dream job is to be a professional ballet dancer! and sometimes I really wish that I had the courage to pursue it as a career :( Attending Boston Ballet's Summer dance program in Sec 2 and SDT's Scholars Program in Sec 3 fueled my passion for dance tremendously. I always feel so happy yet sad when I watch anything dance related like - Centre Stage, Prix De Lausanne, Teen Vogue's Strictly Ballet series, First Position and New York City Ballet's YouTube channel, cos I just get envious and wish that I could be in the shoes of the professional dancers yet at the same time watching dance just makes me SOHAPPY. I can't describe the feeling (cue the song Electricity from Billy Elliot the musical hahahah) Any way, I really hope I can find a good ballet school in Edinburgh! Cross fingers 

To end off, tomorrow is THE DAY!!!!! I still don't know how I feel about it yet OHWELLS



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