• Jasmine Hussain

Last weeks of Sem 1

I can't believe that I've finished a whole semester of Uni overseas! I would describe it as an emotional rollercoaster but I'm glad I've managed to go through the whole school-studying-exams things after such a long break (same goes to any other fresher in uni - good job!!) I must say it was quite hard getting motivated and staying focused on studying for exams as I got distracted/procrastinated so easily?! I knew I had to study yet I kept giving myself so many breaks which I don't understand why but all my papers weren't too bad so thats great! It also didn't help that having a paper on the last possible day of exams meant watching people go home everyday, you could feel the emptiness of the house which was really really sad :( They started to serve less food and even turned on fewer lights at the cafeteria which made it worse! But the most painful sound to me was the rolling of the wheels of someone's suitcase on the pathway out of the house :(( But I'm done now and I cannot describe how happy and excited to finally be done!! :)

Went to Mother India cafe with Sophia and Tessa and it was so good! Gotta love some food authentic Indian food :) and you know you'd always be able to find vegan/vegetarian food at Indian restaurants!

I finally made it to the Christmas market! I'd think it'd be slightly pathetic if I didn't visit the christmas market whilst I was here so I'm glad I did hahah but I didn't really have much time to take my time and appreciate all the different shops selling such a huge variety of things but it was still nice to at least be in the whole christmassy atmosphere :) 

This lady selling nuts was so nice and gave us so many samples to try! They even had strawberry peanuts? But I didn't try em. I can't remember the names of the nuts but they were all so yummy but also because Erin and I were so hungry! There was even white-chocolate coconut peanuts!!

Just gotta love all the Christmas lights!!

Dinner out to celebrate the end of exams! Now I know that you can easily have vegan pizza at any restaurant - just order a vegetarian pizza and take out the cheese (or egg if there's any) and just fyi I like to eat my pizza with ketchup, is that weird?? hahahah idk but its a great combination!! 

This was the flying-spinny thingy that went up to 60m high! I so wanted to go on it but I had no time plus I think it's quite dangerous when its windy!

These were my 2 for 4 pounds small meals for lunch on the train ride to London! They were so good and came with a dressing of soy-garlic which complimented the salad so well :) There were 2 middle-aged men sitting opposite me on the train and they were being extremely inconsiderate: They were talking really loudly, drinking beer and burping out loud (SO RUDE) and even sang out loud (and no they did not sound good) for a period of time - I was so annoyed, disgusted and quite frightened frankly speaking because I didn't want to be harassed by 2 drunk men. But they got off halfway through the journey thank goodness and all was good after! I was being a little ambitious and downloaded 3 movies for the train which took 4h 45 min but I only managed to watch Begin Again and The Longest Ride which I both thoroughly enjoyed, I liked The Longest Ride better and I highly recommend everyone to see it because its just such a sweet film about love and sacrifice :') 

I'm finally in London now and my suitcase is ginormous! I don't even know why I have so much to bring but I couldn't seem to take anymore clothes out after doing 2 filters of my clothes hahah I hope I'm not the only one with this problem. Any who, I had my first home cooked meal in Uncle Maneksh and Aunty Ritta's place (family friends who's house I'm staying in) and it was sooooooo good! We had salad and falafel to start, then lentil and potato curry with spiced rice for the main course which I had 2 servings of, and some banana ice cream, raw chocolate ball with coconut flakes and mango for dessert! I haven't been this satisfied with food in such a long time :') I'm currently now chilling in the bed listening to christmas tunes and deciding where to head off to tomorrow, probably going to visit a cafe and go for ballet :) 

Cannot wait to start enjoying life!!



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