• Jasmine Hussain

Little Happy Moments

1. Went to Mary's Milk Bar with Lucie and Niamh

I got a lychee sorbet and they both got a chocolate ice cream milk shake! I also bought HUGE strawberries and some dates from a very cheerful farmer who set up his stall of home-grown vegetables and fruits in the Grassmarket 

2. Went on a run round Arthur's seat and I was in awe of the amazing scenery and also shocked at how I have been missing out on this crazy beautiful running route 

I also figured out the painful way not to underestimate gentle inclines because running uphill for long distances is really not fun 

3. Didn't manage to steal fruit form the JMCC/settle lunch so I had to go to the uni shop to buy lunch but even though this was not worth my £3, it was still delicious and refreshing

4. Immediately after watching Center Stage (my fav dance movie of all time), Lucie got a call from her sister about being able to see the Northern Lights from Arthur's seat, and Lucie and I ran out of my room immediately at 11pm at night and rushed up Arthur's seat. We weren't the only crazy ones up there, many others had join our pursuit to witnessing one of nature's greatest wonders! If only we stayed for an hour longer, we would have been able to witness it, but our freezing fingers told us it was time to get back to the warmth and so we climbed down the hill at 12:20am and headed back. However, we had a really deep chat about life sitting on the peak of the hill, whilst overlooking the city lights in Edinburgh and looking up into the night sky littered with burning balls of flames that have existed for millions and millions of years before us and are probably 10 times larger than the Earth (also known as these amazing creations called stars) - and that was an amazing experience in itself. Nights like this remind me of how lucky I am to get to have these crazy experiences. Climbing up a hill in the middle of the night hoping to see the Northern Lights?? Boy am I blessed

5. Had a really impromptu FaceTime call with the 2 most adorable roomies ever who I'm so grateful to be able to call them my friends! Thank you Bincs and Rachel for the call that lasted for 2 hours - I do treasure every minute of it!! <3

6. Had to help out at a different school for this week's Wildlife Club volunteering and even though I was a little anxious and nervous about having to meet new kids and whether they'll like me, all went really well and I got to explore a new environment in Edinburgh called Corstophine Woods and it was beautiful :') For this week's activity, we built bug hotels 

7. Picked this flower up from the ground on the way to school and I cannot wait for all the trees to be full of these flowers when spring is in full force! 



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