• Jasmine Hussain

London with Mum! '16

I picked Mum up from Heathrow on the 22nd of June and literally almost had tears of joy when I saw her come through the arrival gate :') 

This was just what we were up to in the week and a half we were in London! 

Daily breakfast of weetabix and fruit :)

This was Matcha and vanilla yoghurt (dairy free) from Yorica! They are an entirely free from shop meaning free from lots of allergens like nuts, milk, eggs etc. They even have peanut butter ice cream that's made without peanuts but tastes legit!! The secret was toasted soy beans

Mum and I went shopping along New Bond street before we met up with Aunty Steph for lunch at the House of Ho - a vietnamese restaurant which was really very bad :( The broth of the pho was so tasteless and so was everything else! 

Mum and I also headed to Shoreditch Box Park and Brick Lane! 

We had ethiopian food which was sooo yummy and their presentation was so good!

We also had vegan 50/50 Brown rice + Quinoa Rice bowls from CookDaily at Shoreditch box park! 

We both got curries and they were deeeeelicious

This was at Neal's Yard near covent garden! One of my favourite places to go to in London because of the amazing atmosphere here 

We stopped for a coffee break at Hoxton Hotel in Holborn and if anyone is looking for a nice place to relax/eat/hang out with friends/do work, this is the place to go! The atmosphere is super chill, urban and hipster-ish and service is great as well with affordable food/drinks :) 

One of the days where Mum and I decided to have a food shop in Whole Foods along High Street Kensington, we decided to have lunch at Down To Earth first before heading up the high street :) 

I had a beetroot burger with a chickpea bun and sweet potato fries while mum had an Aubergine Lasagne! Both dishes entirely vegan (they only have 2 non-vegan dishes on the menu) and they were incredible!!

We ended the meal with a peanut butter cake! 

Surprisingly mum and I did not do much shopping in London, we didn't have any VAT to claim!!  We did quite a lot of food shops instead, buying back granola from M&S, Rye Crisp bread, Oats, Quinoa and other yummy goodies that are just so much cheaper in the UK!

Next post, Dublin! 



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