• Jasmine Hussain


I went to Maastricht for my cousin, Nadira's IB graduation! 

The bulk of my time there was spent walking to and fro her school and my air bnb and helping her pack for when she leaves Maastricht for good. Doesn't sound too exciting but I really enjoyed just being in the company of Nadira and all her amazing friends :') 

This was a church turned library and it was beautiful!

Words to live by hahahha

Had a salad at the Salad bar! and I did not realize that the Make Your Own Salad was pay by number of ingredients and thankfully I did stop at a reasonable number but it still did turn out to be rather expensive :'( 

Can you see the rainbow :)

Day of the graduation!!

Caught the sunrise on my last day here with Nadira's friends 

Just 3 days at UWC Maastricht has shown me how amazing this community is - I have never felt such strong familial ties in a school before and I am so glad that I managed to experience and witness this amazing relationship amongst Nadira and her friends :) 

However, coming back was the worst traveling experience that I ever had and I don't feel like typing it all out but it ended with me having to share a cab with a complete stranger to get to the airport. I honestly thought I was not going to make my flight back to Edinburgh but thankfully I did and I have never been so happy to be back!! 



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