• Jasmine Hussain

Mallorca (3)

We had planned to go to Montrago Natural Park the next morning but when we arrived at the bus interchange, we realised that we had missed the 8:30am bus and the next one left at 12:50pm. So to kill time before the bus, we walked around the city centre, stumbled into a really nice art gallery, got fruits and dates at a fruit market, shared a take-away of udon stir-fried with vegetables and headed back to the interchange in time for the bus

The fruit market!

Look how lovely and fresh the strawberries were! 

We passed this man making named signs in the most unique technique. He was using a tiny piece of an angled blade dipped it into bright colours to create this amazing, creative and very quick piece of artwork 

He made my name by chance and just look how beautiful the animations are! 

We also passed a group of street musicians and I very luckily got a shot of this man giving the guys a thumbs up! Their music truly livened up the atmosphere on that street :) 

So anyway, we got on the bus and paid €17 each (we were quite shocked by the price but paid anyway), and embarked on our 2 hours ride to Cala D'or where we would walk another 35 mins to the natural park. When it came to the last 30 minutes of our journey, Topo and I realised that we were the only people left on the bus and it had started to pour heavily. We then had a conversation with the bus driver on when the last bus would come to pick us up. It didn't help that he could not speak English that well and so we were really unsure of what his instructions were and it entailed us having to call the driver - impossible because we didn't get a local SIM card, and entailed us having to wait at any bend of a random round about which had no signage to wait for the next driver. Topo and I then discussed for 2 mins and decided that we'd just turn back to Palma. and so without even getting off the bus, we embarked on another 2 hour journey back to Palma. I was quite bummed at this point, well I think it's safe to say that we both were because the cove at Montrago looked amazing from pictures and we both craved to see clear blue waters and the beach! However, Topo was so positive in his mindset and kept reassuring me that we literally would not have known and hence there was no use feeling sad about it. We then played games like hangman, tic-tac-toe and categories on the way back which made the journey so much fun :) 

I didn't manage to take many pictures that day because we really didn't do much. But of course we had to get Amorina gelato again before heading back, and had the same lentil curry for dinner (yes, we had a massive batch to last us till the last day) ! 

On our last day here, we managed to satisfy our beach craving and headed to Cala Major beach in the morning. We took about an hour to find the correct bus stop due to poor signage of Mallorca's public transport but managed to get on bus no. 3 to the beach 

Love Palma's architecture 

We made it!!!! 

and as I take my phone out of my pocket to take a snap chat, I drop my phone on a bed of rocks and tada!!! 


As you can see, the beach was completely empty which I found really surprising, but I was thankful for the fact that it was ☺

hmmmmmm just love the turquoise blue :') 

Beautiful, grand, majestic building!! 

After we got back from the beach, we started to pack up, made sure we didn't leave anything in the air bnb, got some gelato (OF COURSE) and then soon realised that with one hand occupied with our luggages, we couldn't eat our ice cream ...... 

After 2 mins of licking my ice cream from my cup, I put my ice cream on Topo's 'plate' of his ice cream and crepe, took his luggage, and let him eat his desert as I wheeled both of our suitcases to the bus stop. It was lucky that we missed our bus as you aren't allowed to eat on the buses, and so we took our time to enjoy our ice cream whilst waiting for the bus at this beautiful part of town that we didn't realise was just round the corner from our air bnb!!! 

We played categories the whole plane journey back to Edinburgh and were probably being quite loud but oh wellllssss hehe. Had Japanese for dinner (was going to be a long time before we next ate out again - need to save money!!!) and then returned safely back home. I did miss my room quite a bit but didn't realise it till I felt a wave of happiness when I entered it :') 

Definitely coming back to Mallorca in the future to snorkel but till next time, Thank you Mallorca for a wonderful trip!! ☺



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