• Jasmine Hussain

Meet the People

Just a week meeting friends!

Jk its just meeting my friends hahahah (I thought it was rather funny) . I've just realised that 90% of meet-ups are over food!! Which is quite fun because conversations are better over good food plus its fun to make use of the opportunity to explore new places to eat hehe. But of course you have to say goodbye to money :( ALSO I'm so angsty now because I dropped my phone and cracked my entire screen!!! It looks so disgusting I can't take it!?!?!  Plus there's like shards of glass on it which is quite dangerous?? Sighhhhh all it took was that one second it hit the ground to make me feel horrible :(((

Any way, trying to move on with a more positive vibe, I met Rachel last Fri! We walked from One-North MRT to Hoopla Cafe at Inifinite Studios which nobody should ever do. It was humid, the walk was so long plus it started to rain quite heavily 3/4 into our journey which sucked and after we finally made it we realised there was a shuttle bus HOORAY!

We both had the baked eggs which I really enjoyed! But what was ridiculous was the 5 slices of avocado which cost $4.50?? I could buy 2 avocados for $4.50 ?!?! Then after an hour or so , we made an impromptu decision to go get some bingsu which was really yum :) I had such an enjoyable morn-afternoon that Friday!! (THANKSRACHEL <3)

Went to Guac&Go with Bron and Justina on Wed! I had the Smoked duck and mango salad which was deeelishhh!! 

Then we all shared the Tropical Fruit Smoothie bowl which was super refreshing and it settled our stomachs! 

As we were walking towards Tanjong Pagar mrt, we just randomly walked into a coffee shop to get some coffee and it was surprisingly good! Plus cheaper than bux YAY . We also all saw a sign that read " Ice cream cookie & Co " (something like that) and Bron immediately went for it and bought the Mint Chocolate Brownie for $8 !! But she was happy and I guess that's all that matters hahaha

Random shot I took which I thought looked quite cool 

#clasmianca reunited! Met up with Claire and Bianca for some ramen at Star on Fri!

Then after Claire had to leave to go back for lessons, I followed Bianca back to NTU ----> FUN! Though it was a long journey there and back home, I'm so glad I did it because it was so enjoyable! I managed to visit her hall and attempted to make Rachel's bed AHAH yay the hall life seems fun and the room seemed so cosy, it made me so excited to move into my own hall too :) 

This was my breakfast this morning!! 

My thought process :

1. Yes this is going well so far, they're perfect banana coins in a semi circle

(moving on to the strawberries)

2. Ok excellent, they're all equal in both size and thickness 

(moving on to the blueberries)

3. Yes its looking good, perfectly lined up!! 

(moving on to the raspberries) 

4. Oh yeah they all fit in that tiny space between the bananas and strawberries! 

(moving on to the coconut peanut butter as a whole chunk just drops onto the perfectly lined up fruits) 


and then I don't even bother to salvage it and continue plonking the nut butter onto the bananas and just sprinkle some chia seeds and be sad at my breakfast-that-had-so-much-potential-to-look-pretty-but-got-ruined-right-at-the-end. 



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