• Jasmine Hussain

Mid Feb Catch up '17

Haven't really been talking about what I've been doing or how I've been doing recently because all I've been posting are travel updates, so finally this is it!

This semester has been the most relaxed and stress-free of uni so far because I only have 2 mods of which one of them only has 4 contact hours a week. So I get Wednesdays and Fridays free and I've only got a 50 min lecture on Tuesday and Thursday each! This leaves me with a lot of free time but somehow I don't really feel like I have a lot of free time just because I do fill my time up with doing things - not necessarily and not usually in fact, productive. I have been baking a lot more, which I thoroughly enjoy and also painting more,

This is one of my fav animal paintings I have done :) 

and definitely watching a lot more YouTube videos. (Thanks to Bincs, I have been watching so much of catcreature's videos!!) 

But sometimes, I feel so unproductive because of my free time. I feel like I'm not utilizing my time wisely and not studying enough, but the fact is that there is not much work to do anyway so there is not point feeling like that because it's out of my control. It makes me feel worse when I think about how much my parents are paying for me to be here, but I guess University isn't all about studying, just being able to be in this magical city and all the opportunities that come with it is already something to be so grateful for (and money's well spent if you get what I mean???) So yeah. This year, I am really trying to see the bright side about things and not get so worried or down so easily because I tend to do that quite often. 

I am also keeping in touch with friends more like Skyping Bincs!!! and Rgoh when she's there :) Also trying to be better at replying people's messages on wa because Im really so bad at that. (Justina can vouch for that) 

and definitely being really consistent on making delicious and pretty breakfasts hehe 

Also want to share this Tofu scramble recipe by Tessbegg - its sooooo good! 

This is also the sweetest thing I've seen this year :') We definitely need more kind people in this world

Seems like my thoughts are all over the place but another major thing that has changed this semester is .... I've got a job!!! Finally got one after saying for the longest time that I really wanted a job 

So I'm working as a student caller in the alumni office at the uni basically having conversations with them about their time at the university and asking for donations to the Edinburgh fund - which is our charity that provides scholarships, principal teaching awards (for enhanced and innovative learning and teaching), innovative initiative grants (student projects) and research. 

I enjoy working so much because I get to improve on conversational skills and get to talk to many interesting individuals! You also get really mean people on the phone but you learn how to get over it quickly and move on. Of course, I love my job too because it pays really well and it'll hopefully help to self finance my trip to South Africa in July to work with the Big 5 - The African Lion, African Elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard and Rhinoceros!! It'll be an experience of a lifetime and I cannot wait to see these majestic creatures in the wild :')

and Yay to snow in Edinburgh though it only lasted for a couple of hours and I'm pretty sure that'd be the last of snow for this winter. Being in a relationship has definitely been the biggest change of year 2 of uni and despite it being an emotional roller coaster, I am really learning so much from it and would never have it any other way :') 

I am soo excited for Mallorca next week and bye for now!! ☺



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