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Mid Week Thoughts (more like rant)

I'm halfway through my third week of university - that is just crazy because it seriously doesn't feel like I've gone through 3 weeks of actual studying and learning things. and there is only 3 months left to 2015 - that is an even more crazy thought! How did time just zoom past like that :'( That also means two and a half more months to exams? I just started and exams are already coming??  I know that those two and a half months leading up to it will pass just like that and hence my worry. I'm so not focused when doing my work which annoys the f out of me. Because I use my computer to read the PDF versions of a book, I always have a tab for YouTube which is a constant struggle because I just end up watching videos hahah , ok to be fair that only happens when I study in my room so I guess the solution to this is to study outside (well ofc to also solve the problem of being distracted by YouTube videos). I procrastinate quite a bit as well which I know is sooo bad. BUT I WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER I PROMISE

The method of teaching here is definitely something I have to get used to as well. For example for my Industrial Management course, the lecturer gave us the exam essay question at the very first lecture, and today was the last lecture for the marketing module and for the last few slides it was just super basic tips of what to add in your essay without any guidelines/format or any helpful tools on how to write the essay. I have no clue what is needed in the answer and how I should write it? I'm so confused :(( I guess I'm just so used it how it was back in Singapore where there was a fixed standard to how one should structure their answers.

Since I'm on the topic of my IM course, we have 4 modules in that course namely Marketing, Econs, Human Resource Management and Accountancy and each module is 7 lectures. The marketing lecturer often asked us to refer to a book to supplement the lecture notes and the amount of information there is about 3 times more than what we're taught in lessons. So I have no idea whether I'm suppose to take note of those information or just study what's been mentioned during the lecture. So I have quite a lot of chapters to study for marketing but I don't mind actually because I really enjoyed it. We've had our first econs lecture today which did not go too well as I had no idea what the lecturer was saying half of the time as he was not very clear in what he was teaching and it does not help that his Chinese accent is quite strong (but he really does speak really good english for someone from China just that his grammar is quite bad). I regret so much for throwing away Hashim's amazing econs notes!! I didn't think I would have to do econs for my course :((

Also for my dreaded 3 hour lab sessions every Monday, we have to record down everything in our lab books and without fail, I struggle every week to complete my recordings in the book! This week, I did not even have time to draw out the bacteria species I found on my book and I evidently do not remember how it looks like from the microscope and so my whole page is just blank. They grade our lab books as well so I have no idea what I'm going to do about it. another thing that annoys me about lab (besides the fact that I have to attend it) is that there is zero discussion. ZERO. Everyone just does there own things and you have no idea why you're doing what they tell you to do - because they don't tell you why!! UGHH. You can find an entirely different species from your friend and have no idea why. and you don't even know if you find the 'right' species and I literally just draw whatever I see in my microscope on my paper without even knowing what it's called or wether it is usual to find something like that and what not. and before you know it, the whole 3 hour rush of trying to complete as many experiments you can is over and you just have to stop immediately and leave the lab with an incomplete lab book. HOORAY you can imagine how good I feel after each session!!

Sighhhh pieeeeee. I hate complaining because it makes me sound whiny/petty/immature but oh wells, I'm only human right??


Just watched the final episode of the Great British Bake-off! and I also ordered a dress online for a house ball coming soon and of course I got distracted and bought 2 other unnecessary items hehehe I also went for a ballet class tonight which is one of the classes offered by the modern dance society but it was so not worth my 4 pounds :((( The class was only an hour long ( i have never done an hour long ballet class before, usually barre alone is already 45 mins? ) so yeah. but I was glad I managed to do a bit of dancing I really miss it so much. I also met a girl during the Muay Thai social and I found out she attended Boston Ballet's Summer School as well?!?! She went a year after me but we still had mutual friends and we kinda went crazy being like " omg do you know this person " " OMG YES I DO!!! " and basically just naming all the students and teachers that we knew hahaha and we'd probably try to find a dance school outside of uni so yay that'll be fun!

Edinburgh has finally shown its true colours today in terms of the weather. It has been forecasted to rain the entire week and the showers has already started which I'm not particularly fond of and neither is anyone else. I hate waking up to gloomy skies with no sunlight peaking through the clouds and lighting up my whole room :(

I've practically just spent my whole Wednesday night not doing any work (ok I did do a little German) but I'm going to wake up early tomorrow to get on with things! I'm probably gonna watch some videos before going to sleep - its currently 12:45am. Something to be excited about in October is - VLOGTOBER! I'm especially excited about sunbeamsjess's ones as I love her so much! I love her style and her personality and everything about her and I'm just waiting for the day that I see her in uni ( she studies in UOE as well!!! ) and being all fangirly and asking for a picture haha everyone go check out her channel!

Ok good night my lovely readers, I have to get up at 7:30 to get breakfast with Erin at 7:45 and I'll probably regret sleeping late when I get up feeling like a zombie in the morning but that's just the lovely cycle of life that everyone goes through am I right?

Have a fabulous day xoxoxoxoxoxo



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