• Jasmine Hussain

My Fav City in the UK

The weather in Edinburgh has been amazing the past few days - on average 13 degrees! 

People are reading books on benches in the sun, studying whilst lying on the grass and just making use of the insane amount of sunshine and warmth that mother nature has given us :') 

Sparkly Water!! Took this on a run around Arthur's seat 

Study buddies! Whilst studying in Beverly's pantry and complaining about how unbearably hot it was, we made an impromptu decision to go up Arthur's seat that day 

This place is seriously too beautiful! No matter how many times I've been up, the view from Arthur's Seat is always going to be equally breathtaking 

The next day, we took advantage of yet another day of great weather and went up Salisbury's Crags which is right next to Arthur's seat 

The buildings nearer to the left side of the photo is Pollock Halls!

My attempt at a Yoga Pose 

( it doesn't look like I'm close to the edge of the cliff but trust me I was close enough when I was up there) 

Doesn't this look like a typical boy band album cover photo? 

I wish I had the courage to go up to them and ask if they wanted this 

Feeling incredibly blessed with good weather and good friends who keep me motivated to study and are equally willing to enjoy the outdoors :') 

(Also, I have been loving Jason Derulo's version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight and I wanna share this amazing finding with whoever is reading this!! )



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