• Jasmine Hussain

My Obsession with breakfast!

Breakfast to me is like a work of art

Breakfast is no doubt my favorite meal of the day! It's all I look forward to before I sleep ( which doesn't really help because then I get hungry ) and when I wake up! Sometimes I kinda feel like an artist when I try to make my breakfast look pretty hehe and it really makes me so happy hahah I sound quite lame but who cares - I like eating pretty food! I've been obsessed with looking at Casey Rose's instagram - wholeandhealthy and I love Ella's Blog too , so these are my 2 inspirations for actually making effort to prepare a good breakfast :) Here are some of my works of art HA!

I'm so excited to be making more of these quinoa oatmeal fruit bowls for breakfast in uni! It's really simple because you can just cook a huge batch of quinoa oatmeal and store it in the fridge for the entire week. But I don't think I get a kitchen in my hall.. oh wells I'll figure something out then.



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