• Jasmine Hussain

NoOo Fotooo

Jan 6, Sunday

Started the day with a trip to the beach at Santa Marinella!

We sat on rocks lining the boundary between the beach and the sea and played iSpy, talked about dreams and children and ultimately the environment as we do many conversations. After baking in the sun, we popped into a local deli (most places were closed since it was a Sunday) and had lunch. I had a plate of steamed veg and pizza and I was so excited to get in a significant portion of greens! My body really needed those greens

We got back to a different train station than we first departed from (for some reason) and walked for what felt like miles to Trastevere. We refueled ourselves with gelato (pear, caramel and banana and chocolate for me!) and coffee and walked all the way back to our air bnb

En route to home

We spent the rest of the night having dinner in the air bnb and playing cards

Jan 7, Monday

Today was an activity filled day, which started with a totally spontaneous trip to the inside of the Colosseum. It was just Julian, Topo and I who decided to go in and Kristiina and Damon went on their own little adventure. The three of us got really annoyed at the tour lady because we had to catch our 12:45 entry to the Vatican City and she spent close to 30 mins telling us about the history of the Colosseum (a rather uninteresting one) outside the Colosseum!! After we finally had the chance to go in, we told the lady that we were rushing on went to explore the Colosseum on our own

Though the inside was really cool as well, I much prefer looking at the Colosseum from the outside. but no regrets here! Was a fun experience nonetheless

After rushing to get pics and to take everything in, Julian, Topo and I hopped into a taxi to meet Kristiina and Damon at the Vatican!

Visiting the Vatican City was a magical experience. Every amazing church we had previously been to could not compare to the grandness and lavishness of this place! Whilst there were many tourist here, I did not feel like it was too crowded or too warm. It was only in the sistine chapel where it was packed full of people trying to admire and take pictures of the famous Michelangelo painting. There were guards around the room shouting " NoOo Fotooo " at people, which was really hilarious not only because of their accents but the futile-ness of their efforts because there were just so many people. and I got a pic myself!

After an afternoon of awe in the Vatican, we walked back to the Trastevere (you can probably tell we really like this area) and had - you know it - Pizza and Gelato to end our last night in Rome!

Overall, Rome was such a beautiful, historical and magical city. Everywhere felt like you were walking through a museum. It was such a great first trip as a flat as well - love these people so muchhhh


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