• Jasmine Hussain

Oban Field Trip!

2-7th September

We had to go on a field trip to Cologin, Oban to do a field group project as part of our degree and it was so much fun! On the first day, we spent the day traveling to Oban, doing a food shop for the rest of the week, cooking dinner, and having deep chats into the night :) Serena, Izzy and I shared a chalet and looking back at it, I am so glad we did because our friendship just grew so much from then!

This was where we were staying!

The next day, I did a quick run in the morning, saw really cute cows

We then headed to Glasdrum Nature Reserve to find out about being a ranger in a nature reserve in Scotland! We had lunch there and then headed back to do work on our projects. Cooked a yummy curry for dinner and listened to talks by our lecturers

The next day, I went for a quick run again but felt horrible on the way back. I had the worse tummy pains and was sweating so much. Thankfully I woke up early enough to spare 15 mins after my run just sitting against the couch hoping my tummy would be ok - and it did!! Nearly wanted to give the day trip a pass because I was in so much pain but thankfully it passed. had a day trip to a Hydropower plant and wind farm, where we got the chance to go into the wind turbine!

After that we got back to discussed our group projects, cooked dinner and listened to talks by John (who burnt part of the Savannah in the name of ecology) and Gab and Juan on their summer experience doing butterfly work!

The next day was a full project day!

We went to our study sites to collect data and when we reached our second site (which was on a really steep hill and you had to get through a ton of bracken), it was raining and everything was so muddy and uncomfortable, and we all slipped down the hill and I was sweating but it was still cold and raining - it was just not fun, field work is just not my thing. But anyway, we managed to get most of our data so that was good and then we headed back to the chalets to cook dinz!

The next day, we had a day trip to Tralee beach

We then had a lecture at this ocean centre nearby, where I was trying my hardest not to fall asleep because I was so tired. We then got back to Cologin, had a ecology-themed pub quick - wished it was a general knowledge one instead and then had a chalet party with everyone!

The next morning, we had breakfast and then cleaned up the chalets and headed back to Edinburgh! It was sad leaving knowing that this was the last field trip that we would have as a class :'(( But so many fond memories were made!



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