• Jasmine Hussain

October' 16

1. Went to the National Gallery to visit the Vangoh, Monet Daubigny Inspiring Impressionism exhibition and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g 

Sat on a bench and drank pumpkin spice lattes to this view :') 

2. Lunch at 10-to-10! Super good and affordable Indian food here

3. Bfast!! Fav combination at the moment is dates with peanut butter :)

4. Went to Leith and the view here was so pretttyyy 

5. Acai Bowl for bfast! Frozen bananas, berries and mangoes as the base with Acai powder and it was the creamiest Acai bowl I've ever made !!

6. Had a sushi party in De Rui's flat to Celebrate Beverly's birthday! 

7. Met up with Lizzy!! She's studying in Aberdeen and came to visit Edinburgh for a couple of days :) It felt so weird but cool at the same time because I never would have thought that I would be seeing a St.Nicks classmate in Edinburgh! It was such a great catch up over yummy ramen and hopefully we will see each other more in the future :')

8. Principles of Ecology group!! We're doing our project on the variation of tar spot size on different sized Sycamore leaves - may sound fancy but trust me its not. But I'm glad to be in this group who makes me dread doing the report a little less 

9. It feels like winter has dawned upon us overnight, which means transitioning to warmer breakfasts now! Had a delicious bowl of berry-oatmeal for breakfast ft. mr pumpkin carved out by Lucie! 

I've got a policy brief coming up due on Wednesday for my International Development, Aid and Humanitarianism module! It's taking such a long time to get done not just content wise but the fact that we have to design the thing ourselves such that it looks fancy and like an actual policy brief, but I must say I am enjoying the process because it's something I've never done before and I'm so into my topic on Improving Menstrual Hygiene in Informal Settlements in Rwanda!! I think this is my favourite module this semester because the content is so interesting and also the tutorials are debate styled. Some of the debate topics we had so far were ' This house believes that there is no such thing as natural disasters ' and ' Celebrities do more harm than good when it comes to humanitarian aid ' :) So I'm glad that for once I am actually enjoying my tutorials and going to lectures - just maybe not so keen on the readings but that's all part of the uni experience right? 

Anyway, gotta go back to my policy brief now! It's coming to the end of October already - time is passing by so quickly! But I'm taking it as a positive because I am enjoying second year so much :') My cousins are also coming up to London in 2 weeks so I'll be going down to meet them and I'm so incredibly excited!! 

Hoping that November is going to be a good month too despite the cold, byeeeeeee xxxx



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