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One of the Best Mornings

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

School has officially started!! But for this week its lectures only and most of the classes I had were introductory lectures - boring. Tutorials here occur once in 2 weeks which I find really slack! I wish we had more so I feel like I'm actually studying? But I guess I'll just do my own readings.

I had such an amazing morning today! I didn't have any classes for the day and that also adds to why I had such a great morning hahah :) 

I headed down to Princes Street this morning to get a couple of things - A world map and a small succulent for my room! But of course I had to go check out Top Shop and H&M cos they were RIGHT THERE. I ended up buying a really nice cardigan from H&M which only cost £11! Then I headed to John Lewis to try my luck in finding a succulent, and I passed a small farmers market on my way there

The fruits and vegetables looked so fresh and I wish I had my own kitchen so I could buy all of em and cook up a real healthy meal! 

Turns out - John Lewis only sells artificial plants :( But I asked the sales lady and she recommended a florist - Narcissus just 5 minutes away. On my way down Broughton Street, where the shop was located, I passed by a sign that read " Vegan Chocolates " and without giving it a second thought, I headed straight into the shop! I was so excited by the variety of vegan chocolate bars they had and bought 2 for £7.75 which was quite dear, but it's quite hard to find vegan chocolates in the local supermarkets so I just got them! 

Look how pretty their packaging is!

I then headed down the street to the florist. It was hard to miss as the exterior of the shop was so beautiful and colourful!

 I managed to find a small succulent for £3.50:) 

On my way back up the street, I passed by this food store called Real Foods and just by the name alone, I suspected it was a cafe ( like the one in Singapore with the same name ) but turns out it was a health food store! and I almost died in there because I literally wanted to buy everything off the shelves! 

Just a small list of the amazing items that they sold

1. All sorts of nut butter you could imagine - almond, cashew, hazelnut, peanut 

2. Superfoods - Chia seeds, Maca powder, Acai powder, Hemp Seeds, Goji Berries

(you name it, they have it!)

3. A huge variety of Nakd bars!

4. Dairy free yoghurt!! 

(Which I missed so much after turning vegan)

5. Different flavours of Rye bread! 

6. Vegan chocolate milk - TO DIE FOR 

And all of these were sold at affordable prices! I can already envision myself doing my weekly grocery shopping trips here when I get a flat next year :) 

So after gasping with delight at every shelf that I critically examined, I ended up purchasing 3 packets of Chocolate Oat Milk (for £0.46 each) and Coconut & Cranberry Rye Bread (£2.19). I decided to save the dairy-free yoghurt for my next trip here! 

 I then headed back to Pollock halls for lunch and to Skype with daddy! 

Junction at Princes Street

Happiest meal I've had in my room ! 

I've left this post hanging for 2 hours as I just Skyped Dad, Mum and Justina!! <3 <3 <3 Had so much to share and it was so nice to see their faces and to hear their voices :) 

I'm going to go for dinner soon and then for Muay Thai tonight, so pumped for that wooh!

Bye xxxxx ( Hope everyone has a great day!!)



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