• Jasmine Hussain

Pentland Hills '17

Feeling much better after having rested so much on the 1st of Jan, Natascha and I headed to the Pentlands! I was so so so glad that I was well enough to go trekking because I would have felt horrible if I wasn't able to show Natascha how breathtaking the Pentlands were and also spending another whole day in the flat was a big no no . So we got the bus 44 at Princes Street and in about 35 mins, we arrived! We were incredibly blessed with amazing sunny weather for the entirety of our trip!

* Note: All these photos are taken by Natascha so all credits go to her and she's got other photos as well which you can check out on her blog

Isn't this just picture perfect!

☀ It was a beautiful sunny day!! ☀

We sat down by a lake with our feet handing off the banks, sunlight warming our faces and enjoying the delicious almond chocolate coconut cookies that we baked the day before! This was before we figured that we might as well have lunch here (cheeky dessert before lunch) and so we had salad boxes that we got from Graze at the grassmarket on our way to Princes Street 

All wrapped up and ready to continue our walk - unfortunately the cold from the strong winds completely cancelled out the warming effect of the sun ☹

After walking for about 2.5 hours and with numb fingers and toes, we called it a day and walked back to the bus stop to head back home. The entire walk was just so peaceful and calming and each person we met along the way either greeted us with a friendly good morning or hello or just gave us a warming smile! Dogs were just having a blast and running free without leashes, families were enjoying their quality time together and couples were happily holding hands, all finding comfort in this serene and beautiful regional park. 

Looking back at these photos honestly puts a smile on my face because it takes me back in time and I can just visualize all these sightings so clearly!! 

Later that evening, we had dinner with Topo, Kristiina, Lyn and Ella (Topo's other flatmate) at 10-to-10! The food was amazing & really affordable and of course the company was great :) 

I'm glad Natascha managed to meet some of my friends that I have met at uni and to also have a glimpse into my life here in Edinburgh! We've discussed plans for us to hopefully meet in Germany in the coming years and I'm pretty sure, well I'm positive, it's going to be another amazing memory that we would share as friends ♥

Thank you once again for visiting me in Edinburgh Natascha, this spontaneous trip has been filled with so much laughter, baking, pictures and most of all meaningful conversations that have shown me yet again how blessed I am to have such a dear friend :') I simply cannot wait till the next time we meet in sunny Singapore! 



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