• Jasmine Hussain

Ramble about the Environment

I don't read the news anymore (not that I religiously did at any point but I did read it occasionally) because only bad news makes the headlines, and I don't want to be put down every time I read the news. I had a thought that maybe I should start a 'good news' website to just put positive news about the world. I literally just did a google search and here is one: https://www.positive.news/. I guess I'm not the first person to think of that - as it is with many other ideas in this world. I've recently listened to a podcast by Earthling Ed titled: Can you be a non-vegan environmentalist? Whilst that was the title of the podcast, they (Ed and Jack Harries) covered a lot more than just that topic. It was an interesting discussion but at the same time it just made me feel confused and frustrated. They were talking about solutions to make people become more environmentally conscious and ways to encourage pro-environmental behaviour.

It makes me so annoyed that sometimes we have to praise people for their tiny efforts to protect the environment such as not eating meat for a single meal in a day or not using a plastic bag once - are we children?? Do we need to be praised for every effort that we do in order to keep up the 'sustainable' behaviour? I know any effort is still an effort but because our environmental impact is humongous, it makes these small efforts so insignificant and to be frank, I don't think it is enough. I don't think it is enough for you to not eat meat just a single meal a day or to not use a plastic bag every time you shop, even though I praise people for doing so. I know I am definitely not perfect. Currently, I'm vegan, I buy 80% of my food in bulk (no plastic), I do not support fast fashion, I cycle, I follow a minimal-waste lifestyle and I use eco-friendly products at home. But, I could still do more on my part for the environment such as to stop flying or to be completely 'zero-waste' (no such thing as zero-waste but let's just go with it). It's just that when I compare what I can manage to do under the resources I have to other people with similar resources - I get so angry! Because why can't you just bloody do the same?!?! WHY ARE HUMAN BEINGS SO SELFISH?!

I don't understand how people can not care about the environment. It has provided us with so much and this is how we treat it? Maybe we should change the rhetoric to save the humans rather than save the planet because we only care when it affects us directly right? But I guess humans don't see each other as equal anyway so that rhetoric is not going to work because some see themselves as more deserving of being saved than others. It is incredibly sad that those most vulnerable to climate change are not the ones that are causing it. What is the solution here? How do we make people care? Unless we don't have to make them care? Maybe we just have to make it as easy as possible for people to be 'green' because the action is in this case more important than the intention or values behind it.

I know in every endeavor there would be people in opposition, regardless of which side of the spectrum you are. It shouldn't get to me so bad I know, but I can't help it because of how serious the situation is. I rarely post anything about asking people to be vegan or to recycle or what not because I am afraid people will get annoyed or think I am trying to prescribe them a lifestyle they should live. I guess I take more of an 'inspire by example' stance to trying to promote sustainable behaviour but I am not sure that is enough anymore.

I use to follow an anti-human sentiment because I was just so mad at human beings. I was thinking: wouldn't it be great if all humans just got wiped out. Like if Thanos was real and he could just wipe out the whole human race. Earth would still persist without human beings. But Topo told me that humans are nature too and we are all one. We all make up Earth. Hating humans is just driving that divide between human and nature. That is something I need to work on - to see humans as part of nature rather than separate from it. It is hard because so many things we have done seem so 'unnatural'. I remain skeptical of the potential of the current generation to 'save the environment' but I hope my opinion can change within my lifetime.


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