• Jasmine Hussain

San Fransisco (2)

Day 4 in SF 

The next morning, Maggie and Sasha left for LA in the morning and Topo and I spent the morning in the MoMA. Thanks to Iwen, we managed to get free entry as she was a member!! 

We spent a good 2.5 hours at the museum and headed to meet Iwen after at Stonemill Matcha. 

It was such a lovely afternoon catching up with her after having not seen her for close to 2 years! We had great conversations about uni, plans after uni and life in general over 3 hot mugs of matcha lattes and I was so happy that Topo thoroughly enjoyed the chats as well because it always makes me happy when he likes my friends hehe (they got on so well that we parted ways with Topo saying let me know when you come to Botswana!)

We then headed to Gracias Madre and had amazing Mexican food!! Topo had the special for the night, a plantain tortilla dish with a traditional mole sauce, which fun fact can have between 20-30 spices slow cooked together and I had a burrito bowl with tempeh chorizo  

That mole sauce was just out of this world!

We then shared a Mexican version of a crème brûlée, which was real yum as well ☺

After dinner, we took a short stroll to Delores Park before heading back. Delores Park was beautiful with such chill vibes, I absolutely loved it!

You could see the skyline of the city centre in the distance :') 

Day 5 in SF

The morning started with a lovely breakfast at - you guess it, Nourish Cafe! I had an apple chai spiced muffin and a green smoothie and Topo had a Báhn Mì sandwich 

We then headed to Land's End to do a hike! 

The hike was really enjoyable with lovely views and the element of being alone surrounded by nature because you did pass by people but you were never continuously walking with people in sight. 

We got really hungry by the end of it and uber-ed to Loving Hut, an international vegan restaurant chain that started in Taiwan serving amazing asian food!

We shared a plate of orange 'chicken'

I had a spicy 'beef' noodle soup and look how real the 'beef' looked?! 

And Topo had a 'beef' hor fan! 

The food was absolutely delicious and authentic and most importantly with no animals harmed 

I felt so lucky that I didn't have to leave this amazing food behind because there's one in Singapore as well! 

After our late lunch, we walked to the nearest whole foods and got some donuts and decided to walk the entire 5km stretch through the Golden Gate Park to get to Ocean Beach to see the sunset

I think we must have spent a good hour walking through the park, but it was really enjoyable and cooling and great for digestion! 

We made it to Ocean Beach but it was so cold due to the strong winds! 

However, we pushed through and sat on a bench facing the ocean for another hour so that we could watch the sunset 

Before the sun had even set fully, we were both ready to go because it just got too cold and we were both tired and the sunset would not have looked any more amazing than it already did and so we quickly hopped into an uber back to our hostel!

and that marked our supposed last day in San Fransisco but because I forgot to check how long we were actually staying in SF, we missed our 6:30am journey to Yosemite but I'll go into more details in the next post :) 



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