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Slovenia (1)

A few months ago, I met Nicole in a lecture and I was asking her about her plans for Spring and she told me that she was planning to go to Slovenia with a few others and kindly offered if I wanted to join them and so I did!! 

I arrived in Slovenia at 4pm on the 19th and Clarence, Nicole and Weely were there 2 days before me. We decided to rent a car for easier travels around Slovenia and so I had to luxury of being picked up from the airport to the hostel! We had booked for Castle Hostel 1004 in Bled and it was one of the best and cleanest (vvvv imp factor) hostels I have ever stayed in - and super affordable at just £12 a night! We were also told extensively about the 'Things To Do' in Slovenia and of course Bled and were given a band each that gave us a10% discount at numerous restaurants and bars around the area. There was also a list of activities e.g. paragliding, rafting, canyoning that the hostel could book for us at great rates!

There wasn't much for us to do after we got settled into the hostel, plus it was too windy and cold and so we just had pizza for dinner at Pizzeria rustika before calling it a night in the hostel. The night ended with us playing Guess the Word SG (the Singapore version of Heads Up!) till our throats were sore from shouting and stomachs were aching from laughing! 

The next day was our proper first day exploring Bled! First stop was to Lake Bohinj where we got on the Vogel Cable Car to have a 360° view of the mountain ranges the surrounded us

This was the top of the mountain

and this was the bottom of the same one! A world of difference! 

We then embarked on a long trek to Lake Bohinj and to visit Slap Savica Waterfall

I could not tear my eyes away from my surroundings because it was just full of luscious green vegetation and majestic mountains :') (ended up taking so many of the same photos which I later had to painstakingly delete)

Nicole and Clarence drinking glacial water from the stream!

Love the emerald colour :')

Look how clear the water is!!

Climbed up stairs like this for 20 mins straight to get to the waterfall and they got steeper as we neared the top as well - doesn't sound like much but it was really tiring!!

But it was so worth the view! I also had a packed lunch of hazelnut Muesli drowned in the best hazelnut milk I've ever tried (honestly tastes like liquid nutella) that we bought the previous night in the local supermarket 

Views!!! :')))

We then embarked on more trekking after the waterfall round Lake Bohinj

After a long day of trekking, we drove back to the city centre of Bled and had an epic vegan dinner at the Public Bar & Vegan Kitchen - a must try!!! 

Feeling satisfied with our bellies full of yummy vegan food, we headed back to the hostel, confirmed our plans for the following day and then went to sleep! 



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