• Jasmine Hussain

So much to Learn

- writing this as Almond meal banana protein muffins are baking in the oven and filling the kitchen with a delicious sweet aroma - 

*recipe here and I added in vanilla protein powder :) 

One of my 2018 resolutions was to read the news or watch a TED talk every day. This was to encourage myself to learn something new everyday and to just be aware of the world around me. I feel like people (including myself) are often far too ignorant about things happening and it's not even the mentality of 'I only care about issues happening in my own country because it directly affects me' because sometimes people don't even know what's happening in their own country! So I have been keeping up with my resolution and reading something new at least every other day and as much as I do love gaining new knowledge, I also feel really overwhelmed. 

Overwhelmed because of the rate of climate change. Overwhelmed because people are just not doing enough (in my opinion but mainly because they are unaware of how they contribute to the problem). Overwhelmed because I want to help others make better changes but I don't know how to and how effective it would be. If only we knew that we would fuck up the world this much 10 or 20 years back..... I'm just imagining having all the renewable energy technologies installed 20 years back, or ideas surrounding over-consumption, tiny homes, veganism, green buildings, shared communities, zero waste - I reckon the world would be a better place now.  

On a lighter note, I have been researching on climate change strategies in Singapore and I am so proud to say that the government has so many strategies and policies in place to make Singapore a greener, more sustainable city! If anyone is interested in reading the Climate Action Plan publication, here's the link!  We've got plans to increase the adoption of solar panels across HDB flats in Singapore, we have green neighborhoods like Yuhua and Punggol Eco Town and we've even got plans to enhance the efficiency of domestic logistics to reduce waiting times for trucks, manpower needed for delivery and hence overall carbon emissions! 

As much as it worries me about how far we've come in terms of destroying the environment, there is no point fretting over it because it has already happened. At least people have woken up and are now trying to do something about our environment. We cannot undo the past but we can shape the future!! There are so many ways in which the individual can make change and I think it is extremely important that everyone realises that! Do not ever feel that you are insignificant. 

Climate Lab is a great platform to first learn about Climate problems and find simple solutions to make a difference and I've been thoroughly enjoying their videos these past few days! ☺

- I've just tried the muffins slathered with peanut butter and they are delish!! Ok, back to work now - 



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