• Jasmine Hussain

Spring Break '16

The weekend before spring break started was so great and chill :') 

Spent the whole weekend with Juliette, Lucy and Lucie walking around Princes street, eating good food, going to the Edinburgh Dungeons (which was amazing!!) and ending the night with a movie!

Had a miso ramen at Maki and Ramen Sushi bar >> very yum !

On Monday morning (4th of April), I went to the train station in the morning after visiting the post office to send a special someone back home a small birthday package, and got on the 10:30am train to London! 

 1. Visited 26 Grains and I had a Hazelnut Butter Porridge, which had: Almond Milk Oats, Butter, Hazelnuts, Cinnamon Coconut Palm Sugar and Apple

2. Went to Tanya's Cafe where I had an Acai Smoothie and a Nori Wrap!  

Loved the vibes here 

Finished off the meal with a Raw chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake which was delicious! The meal overall was really great but was just too expensive (the bill added up to £26 pounds)

3. Busy busy Oxford Circus

4. Shaftesbury Avenue  - one of my favourite streets in London to walk down just because the theatre scene is here! (Carnaby street is my #1 fav)

5. Met up with Bernice on Thursday! :) We met at Borough market and subsequently treated ourselves to a whole day of good food ( we needed the fuel as we walked a total of 18km!)

I had a sweet potato and lentil burger in a leaf with caramelized onions and it was soo yummy

These sweet coconut pancakes were amazing!!! The middle bit was still liquidy so when you bit into it, sweet coconut milk would ooze into your mouth :) 

We then ended up in China town after walking for a good 2 hours 

After getting bubble tea from Chatime, we then bought some 'bread from home' at the Chinese bakery. I say bread from home because they were bakery bread that you'd find in any bakery in Singapore which had things like red bean bread, egg tarts, custard buns and all that amazing goodness! I miss bread from home (though I don't eat it often) :'( 

6. After queueing up for an hour and 45 mins outside the box office of the Royal Opera house, I got tickets to see Giselle by the Royal Ballet and Giselle was performed by Marienela Nunez who is my favourite dancer of all time!! Both her dancing and her acting was superb and I am so lucky and glad that I got to see her perform live! It must be so nice for company members in companies like the Royal Ballet to be performing for full houses at every performance, knowing that everyone wants to watch them dance and the fact that everyday of their life, they get paid to do what they truly love :') 

7. Hit my bath quota of the year (which is one bath a year) after deciding to get a Sex Bomb bath bomb from LUSH  

8. Went to Shoreditch Box Park with Natasha and Aunty Steph where we had amazing vegan food at a vendor called CookDaily London! I would recommend visiting the box park to anyone going to London - its young, hip and urban and has many little shops selling a wide variety of things from homeware to food to clothing 

9. Natasha whipped up smoothie bowls as an afternoon snack! :) 

Can't wait to be making these for breakfast when I go back home and get my hands on a blender! I'm leaving London in 3 days to get back to studying - half looking forward to it but half not 

Looking forward to it because I am actually excited to get down to writing notes and getting into a productive studying mood, also to start a routine of eating well, exercising well, resting well and of course studying well 

Not looking forward to it because I love being in London and being able to stay with family friends and have company (most of my friends from uni are currently back home, and home I mean all over the world home), also because I am reluctant to study 

I did just contradict myself there, but oh well, that is my internal struggle right now



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